The etymology from crappy takes us to slang, a variety of the Romany language spoken by the gypsy population of Portugal, France Y Spain. In caló, the crappy word refers to something ugly.

DodgyIn our idiom, crappy is a term that can be used in colloquial language as an adjective or as a noun. The first meaning mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) make reference to something whose quality or condition is poor or its appearance is bad.

For example: “Juan took me to celebrate the anniversary at a sketchy restaurant, I’m disappointed”, “A dodgy man entered the premises screaming and frightened those present”, “I left the meeting with a sketchy feeling as I expected things to be different”.

Chungo can also mention what results hard or hard: “With the pandemic we live very bad days, we need good news to lift our spirits”, “The local team will have to face a dodgy rival in the elimination phase”, “I think we will have to go through some tough times in the next few weeks.”.

The RAE indicates that, as a noun, crappy refers to a lover. This usage appears in the Dominican Republic and it has a derogatory meaning.

On Argentina, Dodgy is the name of a chain of ice cream parlors founded more than four decades ago. It has about thirty branches in different parts of the Buenos aires city, the Greater Buenos Aires Y rosary beads and offers franchises.

“La Chunga”Finally, it is the name of a construction site theatrical written by Mario Vargas Llosa. Its premiere took place in 1986 in a room lime, the capital of Peru.