Which plot events are key parts of chapter 7? check all that apply. squealer announces that the animals will no longer sing “beasts of england.” the animals are told that snowball visits at night and sabotages their efforts. napoleon comes to an agreement with humans to sell them four hundred eggs a week. the dogs attack snowball, and in doing so, they chase him away from the farm. napoleon orders the dogs to kill several of the animals that questioned his authority. a big storm knocks over the windmill, but napoleon blames the destruction on snowball.


The plot events that are central parts of chapter 7 are:

Squealer announces that the animals will not sing “Beasts of England.”

* Animals are told to visit a Snowball at night and tore off their efforts.

* Napoleon comes to an agreement to sell people four hundred eggs a week.

* Napoleon orders the dogs to kill some of the animals who have questioned his authority


George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” is the story of rebelling against injustice and fighting for their rights, during unit 7 the events of Napoleon’s domination of the other animals on the farm, but as the story progresses. ones the uprising comes to an end and the animals have to reorganize themselves and change a few things.