Your Xfinity Internet is not working and you need to fix it STAT! Because, of course, you have to finish your job, get back to your video game, or scroll through social media.

We’ve all been there. And this is the 21st century. The world might feel like it’s going to end if we don’t have our internet connection.

Well, stop worrying. We hope to have the solution to your problem.

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Xfinity’s COVID-19 Response
Xfinity takes several steps to help you stay connected to your internet at home:
Xfinity ensures that its network capacity can handle peak usage and heavy traffic. They also have a team of engineers and technicians 24/7 to provide excellent performance and reliability to their customers.
All customers receive unlimited data until May 13!
Xfinity allows its customers to choose a new due date for their invoice if quarantines or closures have impacted them.

While Xfinity makes sure its network can handle peak usage and heavy traffic, not everything is always perfect. Here are some ways to reactivate your Internet connection.

Restart your modem.

If you’re having slow speeds and having trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi, restarting your modem might fix the problem. There are two easy ways to do this.

  1. Through My account Online, go to the Internet Service tab, scroll to Devices, select Restart modem, and then select Start troubleshooting. Restarting can take up to ten minutes.
  2. in the Xfinity My Account app, scroll down and select Internet, select your modem and restart this device if you are accessing the app on an Apple device or troubleshoot if you are on an Android. Troubleshooting will take up to ten minutes.

Once you have fixed your modem problem through the app, you will be asked if it worked. If you select No, you will be prompted to schedule a call or tweet to Comcast.

Or you can try our other solutions below.

Check the power supply and connections of your devices.

Sometimes the problem can be the device itself. So first and foremost for this section: restart or unplug and plug in the device you are using.

When restarting, make sure you are connected to the correct network.

If this doesn’t change your internet connection, try these steps:

  • Check if all cables of the equipment are connected.
  • Make sure that the plugs of the device you are using have not come off.
  • Make sure the outlets are working properly.

Make sure your account is up to date.

Another reason your internet service might be down is that your account information is not up to date.

In My Account, go to the billing tab to see if your payments are being made correctly.

Move closer to the router.

Sometimes you will notice that you have better internet connection when you get closer to your router. This could mean that your workspace or bedroom you are trying to connect to is an area with limited or no internet access.

Xfinity suggests XFi Pods if that’s your problem.

A three-pack for $ 119 will help you troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity issues in three rooms or if you’re two stories above your router.

Check for Comcast outages.

If none of these steps resolve your internet connectivity issues, search local Comcast outages. (Comcast owns Xfinity.)

If the problem is an outage in your area, there isn’t much you can do except wait for the network to come back.

But as Xfinity said: They have a team of engineers and technicians who work 24/7 to keep the network running smoothly. It should only be a matter of time before they fix the problem.

to summarize

So remember, here’s what you should do when your internet connection is weak (other than remembering to take a deep * wink * breath):

  • Restart your modem.
  • Check the power supply and connections of your devices.
  • Make sure your account is up to date.
  • Move closer to your router.
  • Check for Comcast outages.

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