Currently there are a large number of people who have encountered many problems in ShowBox , a situation that becomes annoying the precise moment they are wanting to see their favorite movie. Previously we mentioned this tool as an excellent alternative to paid streaming services, which is the main reason why everyone is guided to continue using this magic box.

If you are one of these people who have encountered Problems in ShowBox, we recommend that you first watch the video that we will place at the bottom . There we analyze different types of problems that could be occurring with this interesting tool. If you are lucky, surely this complete guide will solve the current problem. If this does not work, we recommend that you continue reading because later, we will mention the three most likely causes for this to happen.

1. Problems in ShowBox: Restart the mobile phone

It might seem like a trivial solution but in reality, it is one of the most effective that you can be using if you have problems in ShowBox. When we update our applications, they cannot eliminate certain temporary files that are using the previous versions. A restart of the operating system in the terminal on Android will not take more than approximately two minutes and therefore, you can try to do it at this moment.

After that, you just have to run the tool again , to see if these ShowBox Problems have disappeared. If unfortunately the trick has not worked then you should continue with the next alternative.

2. Problems in ShowBox: Use a compatible player

One of the typical errors that could occur is in video playback. When we have decided which movie we are going to watch and select it with the respective button, a message will appear saying that “the video cannot be played” . Under these circumstances, users necessarily have to try to download the video to the internal memory of the terminal, a situation that is not recommended as this will take up too much space.

For this type of Problems in ShowBox we recommend using a compatible multimedia player . The one that is included in the tool has some problems and therefore, the reproduction of the videos has no effect. At the top we have placed two boxes that you can use for this type of case. One of the players is MXPlayer while the other VLC Player , the last one that we have mentioned being a better alternative as it has a greater number of features in terms of playing multimedia files.

ShowBox Issues: Server Not Found

Another of the typical ShowBox problems that you might encounter is the lack of servers. Even though there are some to choose from and later watch our movies, but unfortunately some do not appear as available .

For this case we could restart our Android mobile phone or enter the application area, to delete the cache and data . Later we should run the application and check if this type of Problems in ShowBox have been solved.

ShowBox Issues: New Tool Errors

To the Problems in ShowBox that we have mentioned previously there is another additional one. Previously the synchronization with the subtitles were eligible by the user. Now this situation has changed and it is the same tool that automatically decides how this synchronization should go.

Unfortunately for this type of case there is no effective solution but rather, a release with a new version number where the developer corrects it. If you have enough internal storage space to save the download of that movie, the solution for this type of inconvenience is with one of the players that we have mentioned a little above. It will be in charge of searching for the subtitle, although if we have it, we only have to choose it so that it synchronizes correctly.