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How to solve the problem of remote control with sleep

Sleep Number is best known for its adjustable air beds, and they are practically one of the best in the business. The beds are technologically advanced and automatically adapt to the needs of the sleeper. You can easily use all these features at the touch of a button, which is nothing short of a dream come true!

But as it is a common occurrence, automation comes with certain problems, and there is also a bed with a number of sleeps, and the problem is not in the bed but in the remote control it has. There have been several issues on the forums that state the remote idle screen does not work.

In addition to the screen release, There are special reports that the remote sleeping number will not turn on or bed control with sleep number does not work. These problems are often problematic and difficult to solve on your own, but we’ve got a solution you might need!

Here we will discuss all these issues and provide you with remedies for the same. If you follow the article correctly, you will get rid of all the problems you face with the remote control. So, without any waiting, let’s get into the discussion!

Problems with remote sleep with number of sleeps

sleep number of bed problems with control

We will mention some of the common problems that users face with their remote control while using the bed with the number of sleeps. These problems are major and there could be some problems that might arise here, but this is what most people report. Common problems are:

  • The remote idle screen does not work
  • Bed control with sleep number does not work
  • Display error codes

Error codes are specific codes that are pre-programmed so that they can be generated in case of any problem. These error codes are:

  • ER, E or E0 – If any of these codes are displayed, it means that there is a communication error between the pump of the base unit of the strength control system and the bed remote control with the number of sleeps.

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Correct the remote control with the sleep number does not work

Here we will mention the ways and methods you can fix typically Remote control problems with sleep number discussed above. Follow the steps and then you will be ready to go.

How to fix that the remote display with idle number does not work?

how to fix sleep number bed remote doesn't work

This must be the most common problem that people face while using the remote control with the number of sleeps. There are several reasons why this could be a problem and it will provide a solution to the same, so let’s start with the common causes:

  • Battery problems: For most users, this is a major issue. There is usually no problem with the remote control, and the battery is usually discharged. This causes the screen to wobble and may not work the way it should.

To solve this problem, you need to make sure that the batteries are inserted correctly in the remote control. An incorrectly installed battery can cause the screen to malfunction. Also, the battery may have aged and discharged. In that case, you need to replace them with new ones, and your own the remote will start working.

  • Wet screen or pixel problems: If your problem persists even after replacing the batteries, then there must be some error on the remote control screen. It often happens that the pixels on the screen become wet or do not react due to a certain liquid. This problem can be solved by gradually warming up the screen.

You can use a screen warmer or place it in bright sunlight to solve the problem. Be careful not to burn other parts of the remote control while using this method. Used properly, this method can solve most problems.

How to reset the bed with the number of sleeps?

Remote bed reset for sleep number

More, Number of sleeps Bed control does not work? You can always reset to factory settings that might fix the problem for you. This method is generally applied when the bed frequently reports errors. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Before resetting, make sure that the pump is connected to the bed.
  2. Press the R button on the remote control to wake it up.
  3. Press and hold the up and down arrow keys on the remote control at the same time. You will see a countdown that goes from 10 to 1.
  4. Once the countdown reaches one, you will see a “- -” symbol followed by “C1”.
  5. Release the pressed keys for a second, then hold them again.
  6. You will hear a click of the pump and the display shows “- -” with the code “1c”.
  7. The bed is now reset and you are ready to go.

How to inflate a bed with the number of sleepers without a remote control?

Inflate the bed with the number of sleeps without a remote control

If yours The remote control with idle number does not work, then there is still a way you can use the bed. You can get your bed online and use it with the SleepIQ app.


The application is specially designed to work as a remote control for the bed and has all the functionalities. It can control sleep number settings and adjust base.

If you need a guide to the SleepIQ app, watch the video below

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix a remote display with a number of sleep?

You can replace the batteries or heat the screen to make it work.

Can you inflate a bed with Sleep Number without a remote control?

Yes, use the SleepIQ app on your phone to do this without a remote control.

How can I reset the sleep number pump?

Follow the steps given in the reset section to perform a reset.


There were a few common ones remote control problems with sleep number, and has since become infamous for the same. We discussed and tried to cover all steps which you can use for effectively solve this problem.

If any problems persist, contact a customer representative to get the job done for you.

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