The phone touch screen not work?, what can I do? To begin with, once that moment of panic and crisis has passed, we are going to look for all the possible causes that may be causing this failure.

The idea is to check them one by one, to discard until we find the real problem . Sometimes they are simple problems that have a quick solution, while in other cases it will be necessary to go to a repair service that has the necessary means to solve it.

In order to explain what to do to solve the touch panel failure , we must first explain, briefly, its operation.

Operation of the Touch Panel of a Mobile

Current mobiles have touch screens that allow us to control the terminal by simple touches with our fingers.

Its use is very easy and intuitive, since by means of slight presses and slides we can access all the applications and functionalities of the terminal .

The mechanical parts that make this possible are the touch panel and the display , which are connected to the motherboard.

Possible causes why the touch screen does not work

We are going to mention the possible causes why the touch screen of a mobile phone can fail, because in these cases the most important thing is to make a good diagnosis .

We will first list the most common causes and then we will explain them in detail.

The most common causes why the touch screen of a mobile does not work are:

  • Damaged protective tempered glass.
  • Damaged touch screen.
  • Excessive dirt on the screen.
  • Some button on the side of the mobile is damaged.
  • Software or malware problems.
  • Motherboard malfunction.
  • Inlet of liquids.

Having mentioned the various causes that can lead to touch failure, let’s see what to do in each case.

Protective glass problems

The first thing you have to do if you have it, is to remove the tempered glass or protective glass, to check if it is the cause of the failure.

There are times that, although it is not perceptible at first glance , the protective glass is exerting continuous pressure on some point of the screen.

This pressure causes the touch screen to malfunction, writing characters on its own, or not working.

If when removing the protective glass, the touch screen of your mobile works correctly again, congratulations! You have solved the problem.

If the problem persists, let’s check the screen

The touch screen is damaged

Now that you have removed the protective glass, you can take a good look at the screen of your mobile phone.

Look for a crack or possible blow that the screen has received. Take care if the screen is perfectly aligned with the phone or the displaced notes.

If you detect any anomaly you will have to repair the mobile screen , for which we recommend that you contact a quality technical service, such as the ones found at .

It is important that you bear in mind that depending on the mobile phone model , the touch panel can be changed without having to change the screen, while in other models both pieces always have to be changed together.

Phone Touch Screen not working

Excessive dirt on the screen

It is very rare that the touch screen stops working because it is very dirty, but it can happen.

Sometimes the smallest of the house touch the screens and leave them sticky , or even with traces of candy or food, which causes a malfunction.

Clean the screen with a cloth , that does not leave residues, and a little alcohol.

If after cleaning everything works fine, great! But if the failure continues, let’s go to the next step.

Phone Touch Screen not working

Damaged mobile side buttons

If any of the side buttons of the mobile phone, such as the volume up and down buttons, are damaged, it may cause the terminal to malfunction.

These buttons can be held down continuously , which can cause the touch screen to not work.

If the fault is noticeable to the naked eye, or when you press notes that don’t go well, you have found the fault.

You will have to take the equipment to a technical service to change the part .

Touch fails due to software or malware

It may be that after installing an App or some software, of unreliable origin, the touch screen of your mobile stops working.

To rule out that this is the source of the failure, and even to solve it, you must restart the terminal in safe mode . You must consult the manual of your mobile to know how to activate the safe mode.

If the screen failure was caused by malware , your device’s touch screen will work in the short interval from when you turn on the computer until the software starts to load . In that time interval, is when you must activate the safe mode.

If you can get into safe mode, you should uninstall the latest applications that you have installed and that you suspect may have caused the failure.

If you cannot access safe mode, or you have accessed and removed the applications but the problem persists, you should try a factory reset . We also recommend that you reset the mobile if you detect other types of problems, such as the mobile microphone not working or if the mobile vibrates alone for no reason.

You can try to restore factory settings to completely rule out any configuration or software problems. In this article we show you how to reset a Xiaomi in a simple way.

Follow the steps indicated in your computer’s manual to do so, and don’t forget to make a backup if you want to keep the data.

Motherboard malfunction

Statistics show us that this is not the most common cause of this failure , but sometimes the malfunction of the motherboard causes the touch screen to not work.

The touch screen is connected to the motherboard through connectors, and if these connectors are damaged, the connection becomes impossible .

Only a qualified technician is trained to detect the origin of this type of failure, so it is very important that you take your mobile to a trusted technical service.

Inlet of liquids

Many of the equipment with touch screen failures that reach the technical service, have been caused by the equipment having had contact with liquids.

From, we suggest that you be very careful in this regard, and that you try not to expose your mobile phone to contact with liquid substances .

You have to be aware that your mobile can be damaged by rust or water vapor , for example when you shower and the phone is inside the bathroom.

We hope this information helps you make good use of your mobile phone. In this article you can find more information on how to fix a wet mobile .

the touch screen does not work


In this article we have reviewed the different causes that can cause the touch screen of your mobile not to work.

We have also informed you about the steps to follow in each particular case. As you have seen, there are situations that are quite simple to fix, however, sometimes they are more complex breakdowns and you will need the help of an expert .

We hope you already know how to proceed if the touch screen of your mobile does not work. And if you live in the capital, we will show you where you can repair your mobile screen in Madrid with the maximum guarantees.

If you need your mobile to be repaired by a trusted technical service , you can count on makes all its means available to you.

And in the event that your phone does not have a fix, we recommend buying a refurbished mobile instead of a new one, if you want to save a lot of money.

Have you managed to discover why the touch screen of your mobile does not work?