mobile-friendly banking app

During the last weeks, complaints from users who cannot connect to the app of their bank downloaded to their mobile have reached the comparator . Failures in digital banking, given the situation we are going through, complicate the management of our money, since we find ourselves in a context in which it is not so easy to go to a branch to operate as before, either due to new opening hours in branches or due to the closure of a large number of offices. The digital banking takes on special importance at the moment, so a technical failure can hinder more than a personal situation. What could be causing these problems with the bank’s app ?

Due to a widespread incidence

Most likely, the problem has nothing to do with our terminal, but comes from a technical incident from the bank . Lloyds Bank is one of the banks that, maybe, is currently experiencing problems when opening its banking application from both operating systems, Android or iOs. In fact, customers comment that the incidents have been going on for weeks:

The entity apologizes and reveals that the problem is due to a generalized technical incidence in its applications. An alternative that the bank gives to solve the problem is to update the Lloyds Bank application from the application store of our smartphone and try to access it again to check if we can use it correctly. He turns off and on for life. It may not work in all cases, but maybe we are lucky.

Because of the internet connection

Sometimes we are alarmed when we see that when we enter our bank’s application we get a warning about a failure to connect with the app , but it does not specify the reason. One of the causes could be the quality of the Internet connection at home if we are connected to a WiFi network or our mobile data if we are on the street.

One way to find out is by checking if the same thing happens to us in other applications installed on our terminal.

By the version of the ‘software’ or ‘app’

If the app of our bank has the following problems:

  • Crashes
  • It does not open
  • No answer
  • It does not work correctly

It is possibly due to the fact that we do not have the latest version of the application updated on our mobile phone or the operating system of the phone. The Android helpdesk, for example, recommends restarting the phone , checking for both app and system updates (in Phone Settings).