Kenmore Elite refrigerator Ice maker does not work?

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In this post, I will show you how to solve Kenmore Icemaker cooler problems.

You will also see what are the common problems they cause ice machine not working.

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The freezer is an integral part of every household to keep food fresh for several days. From a general point of view, individuals are constantly running the device from day to night to protect food from damage. Rarely can a refrigerator show some malfunctions that you need to fix as quickly as possible.

A little investigation is needed to determine why yours the ice maker does not work exactly. WITH proper troubleshooting, you will be able to improve performance by eliminating the problem. Take a look at this article to get an idea of ​​a particular one problems and their solutions.

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Kenmore Elite ice cooler does not work: causes

Like any other machine, your refrigerator’s ice maker can sometimes break down. For a variety of reasons, you might find out why yours The Kenmore elite ice cooler doesn’t work. Review this list to find out the necessary details about specific complications.

    When the Kenmore elite next to each other the ice cooler does not work, the switch unit may be defective. An individual might know about using a device with a thermostat, which measures the temperature in the refrigerator. Note that the freezer temperature must be set between 0-5 degrees which ensures an accurate ice formation cycle.
    Many components that can fail at any time are usually available inside the heat sink control module. Furthermore, the customer may not find out about this particular device on the market.
    Inside the ice maker control module, the mold thermostat monitors the temperature of the freezer ice bucket. Often, a failure of this specific system causes a failure of the entire device. Finally, it helps the user to check the temperature, which is crucial for the ice production cycle.Once the thermostat shows the ideal temperature for ice formation, the person should first throw the cubes out of the drawer. After that, the user must fill the tray with water to start the process naturally.
    Regardless of the mention, an ice level check is a vital responsibility to avoid the risk of damage. Most high-tech coolers have automatic ice level control panels, which correctly detect this parameter. The freezer may consist of an infrared beam that helps determine this level.
    When the ice cubes reach the optimal point, there is a break in the infrared light that turns off the ice machine. If a fault occurs in this control circuit, it will not transmit a shutdown signal.
    The switch on the refrigerator door performs the two most important tasks for performing device operations. When a person opens the freezer door, it closes the dispenser as well as the ice maker. On the other hand, the device turns on the internal light inside the refrigerator.
    If the door switch could not perform the operations correctly, it will not restart the dispenser or ice maker. As a result, it will break the ice production chain, which means you need to fix it as soon as possible.
    The ice module is the front of the refrigerator that plays a suitable activity for ice production. When the thermostat closes, the motor inside the module is operated by the ejector arm to pull out the ice cubes. Note that it has a connection to the inlet valve and heater. During the Kenmore ice machine repair process, the service technician should locate the problems within this particular component.


Kenmore ice machine repair

Without hiring an expensive repair technician, a Kenmore refrigerator buyer can solve these special problems. Of course, you have to go through the following methodologies when your The Kenmore elite ice cooler doesn’t work.

  • A faulty inlet valve can cause significant problems by delivering insufficient water. Please check if your water supply in your house has a pressure of 20 psi or not. Check this value with a pressure gauge available at any hardware store available in your area.
  • If your ice modem is not working properly, it will not eject ice cubes. In this case, you must gently disassemble the unit to make repairs for the recovery process. On the other hand, the customer should look in the market for a new affordable module to continue the refrigerator service. This is a vital step in solving the problem with Kenmore’s elite ice maker.
  • When the refrigerator no longer generates ice, you can check to see if the door switch is malfunctioning or not. Of course, the user should replace the faulty switch by purchasing a new one from an online or offline store. Alternatively, an individual may use an ohm meter to detect circuit damage within the board.
  • Use the power button to restart the entire heat sink unit without any problems. Before performing the procedure, remove the front panel of the refrigerator to avoid unnecessary accidents. After that the user needs to disconnect the cable connection and wait for 5-6 minutes. Turn on the heat sink again and turn on all cover plates to restart the machine.

Make sure there is an on / off switch on the front of the ice maker. After locating the reset button, you must turn off the machine. Turn off the freezer to turn off the power and wait at least five minutes. Then reconnect it and turn on the ice maker to get the desired output. Check out the article above for more details.

How can I repair my Kenmore ice machine?

Make sure the water pressure in your home meets the minimum criterion, which is 20 psi. With this ideal pressure, the inlet valve will get enough power to deliver enough water to fill the ice maker. If you want to understand it broadly, go through the article above.

How to turn on the Kenmore Elite ice machine?

According to the user manual, the lever comes with the ice making unit of your refrigerator. If you move the lever upwards, it will turn off the machine. moving in the opposite direction will turn it on. Please check the article above to find out more details.


The above content is tailored to the guidelines to help you repair the specific components of your ice maker Kenmore. After reading the entire article, you will be ready to begin the process with confidence.