Discrepancy notifications do not work? Don’t worry, you can solve this problem easily by following the steps in this guide

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Methods for correcting discrepancy notifications do not work

If you are a fan of games, Discord is perhaps one of the best communication channels for you. Discord lets you communicate with friends and even share screens!

Discord is the perfect chat / messenger application on multiple platforms if you don’t want the non-permanent service of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or sometimes even Telegram.

And if you like playing with friends on the server, Discord is your best bet because it allows you to share the screen with friends while you play.

Most streamamers use Discord as a channel / platform to talk and connect with each other, and even with their fans.

Not to mention the fact that if you want to know what new updates / features in the game or rumors about the sequel that the developers plan to push, the first place you will be notified will be the official Discord server of that game!

And famous Youtubers like MrBeast (gaming), NotPaulGG, Skeppy, TapL and many others choose a few of their Discord fans to participate in their videos and get a chance to be featured.
Whether you want to know about new upcoming MMORPGs or just want to keep up with the gaming community, Discord is a must!

But one issue that many Discord users have reported is theirs Discord does not display notifications. And if you’re a fan of pop-up messages, let us tell you that on some low-end devices Pop-up notifications of discrepancies do not work.

But before you try to reinstall Discord just for your sake Disagreement does not inform When you need it, you should read this article in which we will show you some ways to fix Discord notification in Windows 10.

In fact, the problem is not always in Windows or Discord, but in your settings.
Follow these steps if you have not receiving notification of non-compliance.

Repair 1: Enable Discord Desktop Notifications:

This problem lies in the settings of your Discord application and therefore you do not receive Discord notifications.

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Click user settings.Discord Settings option
  3. Scroll down and click “notifications”.
  4. Make sure the “Enable desktop notifications” button is turned on.
Enable Discord Desktop Notifications

And if this doesn’t solve your problem of not displaying Discord desktop notifications, move on to the next solution.

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Repair 2: SWITCH OFF Streamer mode

Turn off Streamer mode

Streamer mode, as it sounds, is used by streamers when streaming and they do not want to be disturbed by Discord notifications on the desktop.

This feature allows streamers to receive notifications by redirecting such messages to their other device such as a mobile phone / secondary computer.

And if you use OBS or Xsplit, often this option is the default and you might want to turn it off.

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Click user settings.
  3. Scroll down and click on “Streamer mode”.
  4. And turn off the “Enable Streamer mode option”.

If this was your case, you should now start receiving Discord pop-up notifications.

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Repair 3: Selecting the right output device:

Sometimes you may get a pop-up notification, but you may not be able to hear the sound. This problem occurs because your audio output device is not set up correctly.
To fix this:

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Click user settings.
  3. Scroll down and click “Voice and Video”.
    Discord Voice & Video Card
  4. Make sure your voice settings are set to default.
  5. And if you want only your output device to be the default, click and select it.

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Fix 4: Update rift:

Although Discord has a built-in auto-update feature, your device may not allow it due to balanced connections and updates may not be downloaded.

To fix this, go to Discord’s official website and manually install updates or simply leave Discord and reopen the app.

Fix 5: Update Windows:

If updating Discord does not resolve your issue, there may be a problem with your version of Windows. Updating Windows is key to ensuring that all of your applications work the way their developers designed them.
If there is an update pending, and the application developer has updated it to a newer version of Windows, then this mismatch can cause a lot of problems.

We recommend that you install the latest version of Windows 10 on solve your problem with Discord notifications that do not work in Windows 10.

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Repair 6: Restarting the computer:

After a new update, Discord may malfunction due to a change in the installation directory. And that can lead to Discord not notifying you.
We suggest that you restart your computer once to make sure this is not the case. These six fixes should completely solve your problem with not applying Discord notifications, but if it doesn’t, there’s a final solution.

Repair 7: Reinstalling Discord:

If you hear a Discord notification sound but no message pops up, the problem may be in your Discord installation directory.

You may need to completely remove Discord from your computer and reinstall it.

  1. Click the search option 🔍 on the taskbar.
  2. Search “Control Panel”
  3. Look for “Uninstall / Modify Program” in Control Panel
  4. Locate Discord in the program list.
  5. Right-click it and click “uninstall”.
    Then go to Discord’s official website and reinstall Discord.

Desktop Discord notifications, as we’ve seen, can be a problem due to a variety of factors, but typically using the methods mentioned above should fix your Discord app.

Although Discord is an excellent and well-optimized application, problems can occur due to the slightest inconsistencies.

There may be a problem with the settings of the application, the installation directory, or Windows itself, a small setting, or a mismatched update may cause a bang on the wall because your Discord, which worked perfectly the day before, stops notifying you when your server is active sends a message.

We hope our guide on “How to fix discrepancy notifications that don’t work in Windows 10“It helped you, and finally, you started to hear the ping you’re missing!

If yours Desktop mismatch problem still unresolved, visit Non-compliance support.

I hope our guide helped. Until we meet again.

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