MultiChoice is the biggest satellite pay TV operator in Africa. Their product is called DStv. DStv Now is the app + website where you can view your TV online. You need to register to gain access, thereafter you will be able to stream (via the internet) the same television content that you receive via your satellite subscription (well most of it – the offering online is growing all the time).

DStv Now is an app that allows you watch your Dstv subscription on the GO. So you don’t need to worry about your subscription expiring without you watching it. you can always watch the Dstv now anywhere you are through either your phone, Tablet or your PC as far as you have a stable internet connection. Dstv Now app is available on the Android playstore and Apple store.

In this post we will explain to you what are the possible causes and solutions for when your DSTV Now App not working.

DSTV Now App not working

Update your Smart TV Firmware

1. Find the link to download the latest update for your TV

2. Once downloaded, copy the file to a usb stick BUT DID NOT PLUG IT INTO THE TV YET

3. Powered on the TV, pulled the plug from the wall to switch off the TV,

4. Then inserted the usb stick , held the power button on the remote while plugging the TV back into the wall,

It will start up with a screen with a blue block that says LOADING DATA, it takes awhile afterward the TV will restart automatically and you are good to go.

Check that the credentials are correct and clear cache

A common flaw within users is the error within credences. This is what we mean by the username, password, or common login method. It is quite usual that the first error is found in this example and not in any other type of failure.

DSTV Now App not working

To Fix this problem, log out of their accounts, clear their cache, or refresh their apps.

Here’s how to clear your cache on Google Chrome:

On your computer, open Chrome.

At the top right, click More .

Click More tools.

Select Clear browsing data.

At the top, choose a time range.

To delete everything, select All time.

Next to “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” check the boxes.

Click Clear data.

Now you can log back in to your DStv Now account.

Problems within the Internet connection

In general, the DSTV Now login does not work correctly when there is a slow Internet connection or when it does not work at all. Although DSTV Now will not immediately warn you of this error, it is necessary that you check that this is in order before accessing again.

It is important to note that although DSTV Now works on the web, in order to access its interface the application requests that the user have an acceptable internet connection and that it be connected at all times.

If you want to test your web connection, you just have to try to enter your email or the main page of google . If both pages open normally, the problem may be something else.

Your PC may have some general problems

If even with all the above that we have mentioned, you still cannot go from the login screen within DSTV Now, it is possible that the problem that exists is internal. This refers to the fact that your PC has some kind of problem in terms of its functionalities, granted permissions and even the way it connects with DSTV Now.

It is important that you pay attention to things such as if, for example, your PC takes longer than normal to respond, since this means that you have a small but significant memory problem, which can affect the way you log into your DSTV Now account.