Don’t hate when yours the credit card chip does not work in an emergency?

Yes, you will see the best ways to solve credit card chip problems, but before that, let me tell you a story.

He is a gentleman himself, a loving husband and a great father. He works for one of the best financial companies. Outside of his busy schedule, Sam promised his wife and daughter that he would dine at a posh restaurant for the weekend. After dinner, when he gave the credit card for payment, his card was declined due to some non-technical issues.

It was shocking that his ticket was rejected that day. And finally, his wife paid for dinner. It was a very embarrassing situation for a gentleman like Sam. And after the investigation, he discovered that his cards were damaged because he kept his cards with other sharp metal objects such as keys, coins, etc.

Well, do you see how the smartest person can get in trouble for some stupid mistake she wasn’t even aware of? Read this full article if you don’t want to end up like Sam.

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Credit cards

It has always been inconvenient and stressful to carry money in a transaction wallet every time until a debit and credit card, or we can say plastic money, comes to market.

Advancing technology around the world, America has come up with the idea of ​​credit cards where the cardholder can perform the transaction without cash in hand. A fascinating invention, isn’t it?

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Credit cards with magnetic strips:

Around 1970, IBM devised a prototype of magnetic stripe credit cards.

Instead of carrying cash, users only had to slide the card into the swap devices for the transactions to be successful, which is why it is also known as a “Sliding Card”.

Credit card drop with magnetic stripe

Risks of magnetic stripe cards

Just as every coin has two sides, so the dark side of technology has grown day by day. With the rapid advancement of technology over the decades, it has become easier for thieves to steal cardholder card information from magnetic stripe credit cards and use that data to create a new card or copy the card either for use or for sale.

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Introduction of Chip Credit Card

Introduction of credit card chip

Due to the frequently reported and credit card frauds with magnetic strips, European countries came up with the idea of ​​a Chip credit card introduced by two German brothers (Helmut Gröttrup and Jürgen Dethloff.)

Now chip card technology has become the standard among retailers around the world.

In simple words, it is a plastic card in which a microchip is built in instead of traditional magnetic tapes. This chip stores cardholder data, but in an encrypted way, which provides greater data security when performing transactions at ATMs, stores, or elsewhere.

Chip cards are also known as:

  • Smart card
  • Chip and pin cards
  • Smart chip cards
  • Chip-and-Choice Cards
  • Smart payment cards
  • Cards with chips and signatures
  • EMV cards
  • IR card

Based on EMV technology

EMV stands for “Europay, MasterCard and Visa”, the three companies that launched this initiative.

How do EMV cards solve the problem?

Earlier when magnetic tapes were used, thieves quickly copied our data after crossing the card. But in EMV technology, the card generates a unique code for each transaction, while the cardholder information remains the same.

So, even if the thieves somehow managed to copy the code from the POS (point of sale) transaction, there would be nothing they could do about it because your card will generate new code in the next transaction. This prevents fraudsters from using credit or debit card information.

How smart chip cards work

operation of smart chip cards

What makes smart cards unique is the memory chip that is built into the card’s contact card. Without that chip, it is like any other common card.

And this contact card built into the chip is the primary thing for every transaction, but a single card alone is not enough for transactions.

For successful transactions, we need a smart card along with a smart card reader to make it work.

When you slide the chip card into the card reader, then the contact pads come in contact with the card reader and immediately establish electronic interaction with each other. It gives the card reader time to analyze and verify your secure personal data from the chip. After validation, it allows you to pay through the payment system to complete the payment transaction, but not without entering the security code of the cardholder.

However, another type of smart card is available on the world market, i.e. the Contactless Smart Card. With this card, you do not need to insert or swipe the card reader to continue the transaction at the POS. Due to its practicality, it is gaining worldwide popularity day by day.

Why your smart chip card sometimes doesn’t work:

Common EMV chip card errors

There can be many reasons why your card does not work. The cause can sometimes be physical and sometimes technical. Let’s talk about some basic causes of your credit card failure in the chip:

Friction with sharp objects: your credit card chip can be damaged by the friction of keys, coins or any other sharp object that makes the card unusable for points of sale.

Wear and narrow: Constant use of your card over time can ruin your card, which may be inconspicuous to you.

But it may crash your chip and make it useless after a while. But luckily, the magnetic strips won’t affect it, and yet you can use your card.

Magnetic field effect: In this situation, when your card is exposed to external but strong magnetic fields, it would stop working because the magnetic fields can change your technical settings and reset the data in the chip.

Physical force: Credit card chips can be easily damaged by physical force. It can bend, push hard with other surrounding objects, or involuntary physical force; may lose its chip holding capacity. And most cards are damaged only by physical force.

Water: it may be raining outside and you have not safely put the card in your pocket or you have visited the beach and it has fallen out of your pocket. The chip is something technical, and you should keep your technical stuff away from water.

Trivial: if someone is constantly looping through your card, it can also stop working because it is protected by two-party authentication each time. If it detects counterfeiting, it will be locked by itself or by the company.

Scratch: never leave the card where it will be scratched. The bottom of the case or placing it with other hard metal materials can result in scratches on the chip. And once the chip is damaged, the card reader cannot read it properly, causing your card to not work.

Invalid insertion: if the card reader says “card failure” or “try again,” this may be the reason the card is inserted at the wrong angle. Therefore, it is better to remove the card and reinsert it until the card reader reads your card. Sometimes a card reader can also malfunction and destroy your chip.

Extreme heat: never expose the card directly to heat. Heater, ventilation or hair dryer are not good for your smart card chip. Direct contact with heat will cause your card to bend or change shape and ultimately will not insert properly.

How to clean EMV chip cards:

How to clean EMV chip card

Aside from technical issues, if the credit card chip doesn’t work in the card reader, it may also be for reasons like dust and bacteria, which is why your card sometimes doesn’t work.

These problems are very common and you can solve them yourself if you know about smart chip card cleaning hacks.

  • Alcohol solution: The best way to clean a smart chip card is with the help of alcohol. All you need is alcohol and a little cotton. Gently pour a little alcohol into the cotton and slide the card with it. It will clean at least all the physical dirt that makes your card illegible.
  • Nail polish removerA: This is a smart and inexpensive hack to remove physical impurities from your chip card. Just take a cotton ball, lightly soak the remover and wipe the card.
  • Eraser trick: take a little antibacterial wipe and wipe it gently at first. Then with the help of clean parchment paper or something dried. And finally, with the help of an eraser, gently wipe the area. The eraser will help you remove trash particles and make your card as clear as before.

Caring for smart chip cards:

Your card is valid for you today like anything else. If it’s not technical, you can do a few simple things to ensure the outer body of the card stays as long as possible and works properly. Some simple things to protect your card are:

  • Keep the card properly in your wallet as much as possible.
  • Avoid contact with liquid, fire and sharp metal objects
  • Do not accidentally put it in a bag or purse, along with other materials
  • Use the card holder to keep it safe and clean.
  • Never put keys and card together.
  • Clean it regularly or as much as possible.

How To Fix That Credit Card Chip Not Working

Correct the credit card chip not working

If you are at a payment counter and your card has been declined, here are a few tricks to troubleshoot a credit card chip to cleverly cover up this embarrassing situation if the denial is not technical:

  • Insert your card normally; if the device does not accept it, reinsert the card again and again three times in succession. In general, after three chip failures, the device will allow you to drag the card.
  • Some say that you can clean the chip card by rubbing paper money on it. It helps remove dust and cleans the card quickly enough so you can use it on the spot.
  • The problem is sometimes not in your card, but in the store card reader. Try waiting a while or use other card readers to continue the transaction.

In the event that you have tried everything from cleaning to repairing the card and it still does not work, contact the issuer of your credit card as soon as possible and file a complaint about the replacement. The publishing company will send you the correct functional new card soon.

Note: These methods have been tested on Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, Icici, Hdfc, Capital one, Citibank credit cards.

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Take away:

I hope this article has answered a lot of your queries and given you an idea of ​​yours everyday credit card problems and their solution of how to deal with them spontaneously. Share with your friends so that they too can be saved from being Sam.