Vamos a ir a la piscina. vamos a poner la televisión. 2. voy a escribir una carta. voy a bucear. 3. vamos al museo. vamos a tomar el sol. 4. mañana voy a pasear en bicicleta. mañana voy a esquiar. 5. queremos ir al cine. queremos nadar. 6. voy a correr en el parque. voy a leer un libro. 7. quiero escuchar música. quiero jugar al golf.


The above questions are not complete, these are complete questions.

In English (translated from Spanish)

Select Listen to each statement and select the most appropriate activity for that weather condition.

a. We go to the pool. b. Let’s turn on the TV. a. I’m going to write a letter. b. I’m going to dive. a. We go to the museum. b. We’re going sunbathing. a. Tomorrow I will be riding a bike. b. Tomorrow I go skiing. a. We want to go to the cinema. b. We want to swim. a. I’m going to run in the park. b. I’m going to read a book. a. I want to listen to music. b. I want to play golf. Further Explanation

The above question is a question in the test to hear the text in Spanish. The speaker is used as a medium for reading the exam questions.

Spanish has tons of tenses similar to English. But for this initial stage, I do not want to spend all the tenses and conjunctions of verbs.

One aspect that is also important in learning a foreign language is pronunciation. Everyone who learns a foreign language wants to pronounce accent – free sound, even if it can turn to native speakers.

For those of you who are learning a foreign language based on strong motivation, you can certainly focus and continue to learn the foreign language that you are learning.

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