Question 1 with 1 blankuna corbata unas camisas question 2 with 1 blankunas vendedoras unos dependientes question 3 with 1 blankun vestido una falda question 4 with 1 blankun hombre muy una mujer muy question 5 with 1 blankuna cartera un cinturón question 6 with 1 blankunos trajes unos jeans question 7 with 1 blankun impermeable unos suéteres question 8 with 1 blankunos calcetines unas medias


Question 1: una corbata barata … unas camisas caras

Question 2: unlas vendedoras malas … unos dependents buenos

Question 3: corto un vestido … una falda larga

Question 4: a very good man … a very good man

Question 5: a new cartera … a cinturón viejo

Question 6: a pair of jeans and a pair of jeans

Question 7: impermeable caros … unos suéteres baratos

Question 8: a white calcetines … a negative media


We must use the antonum of the adjective in the previous sentence. The antonum must be in the same gender and number in the noun.

Q1: Adjective: barata (Meaning: saor Synonyms: caro)

unas camisas caras (camisas are plural and female)

Q2: Adjective: malas

unos dependentientes buenos (dependent is plural and masculine)

Q3: Adjective: corto

una falda larga (singular and female falda)

Q4: Adjective: pobre

una mujer muy rica (mujer is singular and female)

Q5: Adjective: nueva

un cinturón viejo (cinturón singular and masculine)

Q6: Adjective: hermosos

unos jeans feos (jeans are plural and male)

Q7: Adjective: caro

unos suéteres baratos (suéteres are plural and masculine)

Q8: Adjective: blancos

unas medias negras (media is plural and female)