Within the ideology of manifest destiny were all the following beliefs except that cross out a) the united states was destined by god and history to expand in size. cross out b) the united states should create a vast new “empire of liberty.” cross out c) united states expansion was acceptable so long as it stayed out of mexico and canada. cross out d) the growth of the united states was not selfish but altruistic. cross out e) none of these answers is correct, as all of these were beliefs encompassed by the ideology of manifest destiny.


C) US expansion was acceptable as long as it remained out of Mexico and Canada.


The ideology of the Proclamation of Destiny was related to the American belief in the mid – nineteenth century that the United States was destined for the United States to spread the ideas of democracy and capitalism throughout the continent. This was used as a justification for the forced removal of indigenous Indians but also created divisional differences on the issue of slavery. The territorial settlement with Canada and Mexico set these countries aside from the above-mentioned ideology.