Lightning is a concept that has its origin in radĭus, a Latin word. The concept is used to name the line that is born in the space where a certain kind of energy is generated and that extends in the same direction towards where the energy in question propagates.

X-raysThe notion of X-raysIn this sense, it refers to the electromagnetic waves that are emitted by the internal electrons of a atom. Due to their characteristics, X-rays are in a position to pass through different bodies and to achieve a photo print.

The specific term X-ray is attributed as a creation to the German physicist Wilhem Conrad Rontgen (1845 – 1923). This is considered to have discovered how certain rays were capable, inside the vacuum tubes, of crossing certain solid barriers and, given the ignorance that he had about them about their nature or the way in which they were produced, he made the determination to call them X-rays.

The X-rays have a Energy able to ionize the atoms of matter, something that allows them to be used for different purposes. The most common use is in the field of medicine for obtain internal images of the human body.

When a high-energy electron beam strikes a metallic target, the electromagnetic radiation from the charge generates the X-rays. There are, however, various methods to obtain X-rays from different types of radiation.

Photographic film was traditionally used to capture and record the X-rays. At present, however, the technology allows the image generated by the X-rays can be viewed directly on a computer, generating digital information.

In addition to all the above, it is worth knowing other information of interest about X-rays, such as these:
-Its discoverer, who made his wife’s hand with the wedding ring among his first X-rays, received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901 for his work.
-X-rays are absolutely invisible to human eyes.
-Currently they are used not only within the field of medicine but also in other fields such as art. Thus, for example, they are increasingly used to detect failures in certain materials and even to thoroughly analyze certain paintings or sculptures.
-Among the scientists who developed, improved and internationalized them are Max von Laue (1879 – 1960), Paul P. Ewald (1888 – 1985) or William H. Bragg (1862 – 1942) and his son William L. Bragg (1890 – 1971).
-At a medical level, the most common is that they are used to discover possible bone fractures, to be able to detect diseases such as pneumonia and even to diagnose breast cancer.

It is known as radiology to the discipline that aims to produce x-rays (images of the organism obtained from the use of X-rays). Using this technique, X-rays are shot over the body: as the rays go through soft tissues but not bones, “they draw” an image that allows to appreciate the bone elements by the different densities.