Why is sun/moon conjunct descendant in synastry considered to be so positive?


Why is sun/moon conjunct descendant in synastry considered to be so positive?


  • The descendant is one of the most important angles in any chart. It reflects our relationships with those around us and what we project onto others: what we need from them, want from them, what we are willing to take from them. The Sign that rests on the Descendant, then, reflects the character of our connections with those around us, that Sign’s characteristics being aspects we may feel are lacking in our own personalities. The descendant reveals the motivations behind a person’s attitudes toward marriage and partnership and provides better understanding of the instinctual attractions toward a particular kind of love mate. Since the descendant lies directly opposite in relation to the rising sign — the sign that indicates the way the world perceives you — it, in a way, represents the sort of person you feel will complete you, fill in the gaps in your life and help you to realize your full potential. It can also be thought of as sort of your alter ego, as the you that you show only to your most intimate partner.

    When person number 1’s sun conjuncts person number 2’s descendant, the second person is completed by the first person’s power urge, life-giving force, conscious personality.

    When person number 1’s moon conjuncts person number 2’s descendant, the second person feels completed by the first person’s emotional responses, subconscious mind and receptive tendencies.

    This is indeed of the most powerful aspects in synastry, since the sun, the moon and the descendant are all very important; they are personal and sensitive points in one’s chart – they are all keys to achieve a fulfilling sense of happiness.

    By the way, here is one extra interpretation of the first aspect you mentioned. I took it from cafeastrology, I don’t know if you read it already:


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  • Moon Conjunct Ascendant Synastry

  • The Descendant is one of those points in a person’s chart which indicates what they desire and look for in a partner. Consequently, when another person’s sun conjuncts that point, there is a powerful attraction between the two people. There is strong compatibility and a sense of balancing out each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Another reason why Sun conjunct Descendant is so significant is that the Ascendant/Descendant axis and the Sun indicate major life paths for an individual. As such, this connection signifies that the two people share a common destiny. Not surprisingly then, it is often found in the charts of married couples.

    While the Descendant indicates what we “desire” and what “attracts” us to another person, the Moon signifies what we emotionally “need” to feel content and secure in a relationship. It is a much deeper pull. When the Moon conjuncts the Descendant in synastry, the two people feel emotionally nurtured through their relationship. This is why this contact can be so powerful and irresistible, because it creates a “need” for each other rather than just a desire to be together. The Moon rules the home and family. Consequently, the two people feel “at home” with one another. It is another very common connection found in the synastry of married couples.

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