Why is H2O atypical?


Why is H2O atypical?


  • Think about aquatic life. Like a pond. Water floats when it freezes. Most other substances would sink when they froze, so the entire pond would freeze from bottom to top. Floating water insulates the liquid below. This allows many fish and other animals to live thru the winter. Otherwise they would all die out. β€” There are many other properties that distinguish water from other substances, but, in my opinion, this is one of the biggest if not the biggest. β€” Hydrogen bonding is stronger in water than other substances and that helps explain why ice floats. So maybe you would like to use hydrogen bonding as an atypical property.

  • There are many ways that water is unique, not the least of which it can behave as either an acid or a base. Lots more reasons why water is unique here: https://www.quora.com/What-makes-water-unique

  • water is most atypical as a liquid, behaving as a quite different material at low temperatures to that when it is hot, with a division temperature of about 50 Β°C.

  • It has many unique properties.

    One of which is that its solid state can float on its liquid state.

    There are more. Here, check this out:


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