Wheelbarrow is the diminutive of cart: a kind of car. A wheelbarrow is called a hand truck of small dimensions that has a drawer intended for loading.

WheelbarrowThe trucks have two rods, poles or handles that allow you to drive it and two feet that can be used to support it. Trucks generally have only one wheel.

Often used in construction sites for the transfer of materials, the truck must be lifted from its handles so that only the wheel is in contact with the surface. In this way, the person drags the wheelbarrow by turning the wheel.

Wheelbarrows are believed to have been invented in the 3rd century BC. His appearance took place in the chinese territory. The first records of forklifts on the European continent, on the other hand, are more recent since they date from thirteenth century.

What a truck allows, in short, is increase the transport capacity that an individual has. Thanks to its design, the truck allows a single person to lift and move a load considerable.

There are other kinds of instruments or vehicles that also receive the name of truck. In this sense we can name the forklift, which is shaped like a letter L.

This truck has handles in its upper sector and a base as a shelf that rests on two wheels. To move a load, the base must be positioned under objects and tilted back. Thus the load rests on the rear area of ​​the truck and balances the weight on wheels.