What is a tentative start date?


What is a tentative start date?


  • Call your new boss and apologize for being so excited about starting work there, but the tentative date passing was a concern.

  • It means if you pass the drug test and you accept the job offer, that is the expected start date for your new job 🙂

  • it means when you are available to start. because they have to do the drug test, get the results and all that then it will take some time. if you already took the drug test give it a few days to go through. since you said the 6th which is today that means your basically available anytime they call with the results or w.e. so don’t be surprised if they call say on monday and expect you to work on tuesday.

  • Until otherwise notified, appear on 06 July. (TODAY).

    Background checks can and often are completed during the 90 days of initial employment.

    A drug test is usually conducted and lab results received the next day or so.

    Neither of which *may* stop the initial hiring. But, failure may result in “for cause” early termination.

  • It means that was the projected date you would of started if all the paper work was done

    Apparently it wasn’t done so you’ll wait a little longer..

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