What is a Recoton TX and how do I use it?


What is a Recoton TX and how do I use it?


  • I still have a one that works!

    It is a wireless headphone. The “satellite thingy” is actually a low power transmitter. It connects to the stereo line out. Then the headphones will hear the stereo without wires to hols you back.

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    What is a Recoton TX and how do I use it?

    I was searching through my basᴇмᴇɴt and i found a small little satellite thingy. It says Recoton which must be the company and TX which is probobly what its called. It looks pretty old but in good condition. I was wondering if this my be something for wireless speakers? Thanks for any help!

  • The “tx” label identifies the (twisted) pair of telecom/telephone wires used for the transmission of data, the “rx” is for the receiving of data. I’m not familiar with the “recoton”, but I am familiar with telecommunications and the cabling of local area networks. The tx and rx are for transmit and receive. Good luck!

  • It is a transmitter of some sort, either for wireless speakers or headphones, or for Audio /Video, which would have a complementary receiver.

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    Follow the instructions in the manual.

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