What does Ms. Seal do in Okami?


What does Ms. Seal do in Okami?


  • you only see the seal she makes at the end credits, but unfortunately, if your playing on the wii version, you won’t ever see it because the credits got cut out. if your playing on a PS2, you’ll have to wait till the end 🙂

  • Mrs Seal Okami

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    What does Ms. Seal do in Okami?

    You go to ponc’tan (Issun’s home town), go to her house, she offers to make a mask for you for 999999 yen, then says that 999999 yen thing was a joke, and makes it for free. She said “Don’t come back until it’s done.” I when back there after beating Lechku and Nechku, the…

  • Skittles!

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