A lineament is a trend, a address or a characteristic feature Of something. For example, a president may make a decision and state that he respects his “Political guideline”, that is, it is found in tune with his ideology or with his political party.

The term can also be used as a set of orders or directives that a Leader performs his followers or subordinates. Continuing with the example political, a president may request the resignation of a minister who acts contrary to his guidelines.

Therefore, a guideline is also an explanation or a Declaration of Principles. When a political group presents its guidelines, it is making its position known on certain issues. Your affiliates will then be in a position to decide whether they agree with those ideas or, if not, whether they prefer to be outside the guidelines.


The idea of ​​guideline can refer to a direction to follow.

The guideline as a plan

On the other hand, a guideline is the Program or action plan that governs any institution. According to this acceptance, it is a set of measures, standards and objectives that must be respected within a organization. If someone does not respect these guidelines, they will be at fault and may even be penalized, depending on the severity of their action.

In the case of a company, for example, during the planning stage for its opening it is necessary to carry out a well-defined series of procedures and comply with certain provisions legal, which are known as the legal guidelines. These are a certain number of aspects that every nascent Society must face in order to start its business in accordance with current regulations. Next we will take the Mexican laws as a reference.


A set of orders and an action plan can be mentioned as guidelines.

Example of opening a company in Mexico

First are the corporate aspects, that is, the part of the guidelines that refers to the constitution of the mercantile company, choosing a modality that is directly related to the needs of the future company; in this case, one usually opts for a anonymous variable capital, for example, because it allows shareholders to have a degree of responsibility limited to the amount of money they contribute.

For the emergence of this Company to take place, it must have two or more shareholders, either legal or physical persons, of national or foreign origin. The minimum capital is set by the rules valid, for which it must be consulted at the time of holding the process. The minimum amount that must be paid in advance is also stipulated by law.

With respect to administrative aspectsThese are those permits that are required to open and operate a Company. In this case, the guidelines vary according to the local authority and the type of business and operations of the future company. The most common, however, are the following: the land use declaration, the declaration of opening and, less frequently, the health notice and the license of functioning.

The guidelines regarding labor rights and safety standards

It is also essential to comply with the guidelines that make the labor aspects, respecting the legal provisions of the various bodies related to laws and workers’ rights.

On the other hand, there are certain provisions that meet the requirements of hygiene and safety, not only for people but for the environment. In addition to the material conditions, there are the contractual ones, which affect the group and each individual.

The difference with the notion of lineament

As for the word lineament (which comes from the Latin term lineamentum), refers to the delineation or to drawing of a body, by which his figure is distinguished and known.

In any case, guideline and guideline are often used interchangeably and talk about the same topic.