What could I do if I forgot to put my Apartment number on my address for shipment?


What could I do if I forgot to put my Apartment number on my address for shipment?


  • agree with boston on this one… contact the shipper immediately

    or if you have the tracking number, it’ll show you which delivery company is handling it & call the respective 800 number so they can forward that message to the local warehouse that will be handling the package


    If there’s no note on the door and no name matches on the mailboxes, the delivery person will enter the following on their portable pc/ scanner :

    “delivery exception; unable to locate address : apartment #”

    and will take this package to the Quality Assurance Dept to call the shipper or lookup the name to see if there’s an apartment number on the online directories

    if you also supplied a phone # to the shipper, they’ll likely print it on the address label so the delivery person may call it and find out right away


    if the leasing office takes packages, they will look through their directory to confirm or deny signing for packages if your name is not in their list

    Source(s): ex FedEx Home Delivery Driver
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  • It’s very likely your t-shirt will find its way to your apartment without any trouble.

    The USPS usually has all the tenants’ names in the mailboxes and shouldn’t have any trouble finding you.

    If it’s coming UPS or FedEx, they will check the names on the outside of the mailboxes. If your name is not on your mailbox, you can leave a sticky note on the outside door of your building addressed to UPS and/or FedEx. Ask them to leave the package for your name and add your apartment number onto the note. If your apartment complex has a leasing office that signs for packages it will probably wind up there.

    You can also contact the shipper and let them know of the mistake. If it’s UPS or FedEx the shipper can send in an address correction for the tracking number on your package, and it can be corrected before the driver even leaves to deliver it.

    Good luck, although I’m sure it will be fine!

  • Write a letter to your tee shirt supplier and enclose a stamped envelope with the EXACT address you gave to your supplier. Within this envelope enclose another letter and a stamped addressed label with your ACTUAL address. Ask your supplier to mail this envelope as they did the tee shirt, then, when the letter arrives at the same address as the tee shirt, the occupants of that house will be able, using the addressed label, to forward it on to you. SIMPLES – CANT SEE THE PROBLEM !

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