what are good songs about being the other woman?


what are good songs about being the other woman?


  • here’s one more & new. Called “from a table away” great song by Sunny Sweeney.

    She also sings “You don’t know your husband” totally about being the other woman

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    what are good songs about being the other woman?

    I’ve been hooking up with this guy and i just found out he has a girlfriend of almost a year and i really like him. so i want some good songs to go with my mood

  • Independant Women – Destiny’s Child

  • Jean Shephard — “The Other Woman”

    Loretta Lynn — “The Other Woman” (a different song from Jean Shephard’s)

    Gene Marshall — “I’m Just the Other Woman” (bluesy jazz–not country)

    Loti Lewis — “The Other Woman Married Man Blues” (bluesy jazz–not country)

    Sheba Potts-Wright — “I’ll Be the Other Woman” (pop, not country)

    Shemekia Copeland — “The Other Woman” (bluesy, not country)

    If you want to keep your optimistic mood, stay away from

    Nina Simone — “The Other Woman” (jazz/pop)

    Chely Wright — “The Other Woman” (country)

    Source(s): www.emusic.com and iTunes — searched on “other woman” and listened to song samples
  • More like her by Miranda Lambert

    In another’s eyes by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

    Does he love you by Reba and Linda Davis <—great one!

    She gets what I deserve by Shedaisy

    Stay by Sugarland

    Soon by Tanya Tucker

    This one is not country but I love it!!!! (actually a song on 10 Things I hate about you 🙂

    Joan Aramtrading – The weakness in me


  • If Loving You Is Wrong(I don’t wanna be right- Barbara Mandrell

    God Won’t Get You- Dolly Parton

  • I’m not Sara , Jessi Colter

    Why have you left the one you left me for , Crystal Gɑץle

  • ‘Does He Love You’ by Reba and Linda Davis

  • “The Fool” by Leann Womak…great lyrics

  • ” Tell me a Lie”..by Sammi Jo…

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