What are Act 80 days in Pennsylvania school systems?


What are Act 80 days in Pennsylvania school systems?


  • Section 1504, as amended by Act 80 of 1969, authorizes the Secretary of Education to grant an exception to the 180-day requirement or to the daily schedule “when in his opinion a meritorious educational program warrants.” The requirement for minimum instructional hours for the school year must still be met. For purposes of granting approvals for Act 80 exceptions for a shortened school year or a shortened school day, the Department of Education has defined the following:

    Activities which may be approved for an Act 80 exception:

    Parent-teacher meetings,

    Curriculum planning and development,

    Long-range planning,

    In-service programs dealing with new subjects or activities having an impact on the educational program,

    Dismissal at the start of the school year of a partial group of kindergarten students while an orientation program is being conducted for another part of the group of current year kindergarten students,

    Administration of the Professional Development Assistance Program assessment, and

    Evaluation of graduation projects.

    Requests for approval of an Act 80 exception should be made by completing the PDE-4085 “Request for Section 1504 (Act 80) Exception” form. Area vocational-technical schools should complete the PDE-4085A “Request for Section 1504 (Act 80) Exception-AVTS” form. Procedures for requesting approval are as follows:

    The proposed request must be approved by the local school board and submitted under the signature of the school district superintendent, area vocational-technical school director, or intermediate unit executive director, as appropriate.

    I pulled this from the Pennsylvania Dept. of Education website.

    The request shall include the date of each requested exception.

    The request shall include the reason for each requested exception.

    There is no limit on the number of Act 80 exceptions that may be requested as long as the required minimum instructional hours for the school year are met. Requests for Act 80 approvals should be submitted prior to the date of the Act 80 activity; however, Act 80 approvals will be considered for approval if submitted before September 30 following the end of the school year.

    The approval cannot be used for time lost due to inclement weather, mechanical or power failures, or other causes not provided for in the school laws. In the event that unforeseen circumstances warrant a rescheduling of the school year and a school district, area vocational- technical school or intermediate unit elects not to exercise its Act 80 approval, the number of instructional days required reverts to 180 days or 180 days minus the number of full-day or half-day Act 80 approvals used.

    Approval will not be granted for Act 80 days where there has been a work stoppage by teachers. In addition, any Act 80 days approved by the department (except those approved as early dismissals), including those that have already occurred, will be rescinded upon initiation of a work stoppage.

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    What are Act 80 days in Pennsylvania school systems?

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