With etymological origin in the French word bourrelet, weatherstripping is a term that refers to a strip that is installed in together Y slits from Windows Y doors to contribute to isolation from an environment. Weatherstripping can be made of various materials, generally using an adhesive to facilitate placement.

WeatherstrippingThe weatherstripping is installed on the edge of the windows and doors. In this way a hermetic closure since the weatherstrip occupies any minimum space that may remain, preventing the entry and exit of air Y dust by those places.

Weatherstripping contributes to air conditioning and to sound isolation of a bedroom. They also help you save because by preventing air from getting in and out, you reduce the need for heating or cooling systems.

It is possible to find weatherstripping foam, Rubber, PVC and other materials. The key for these elements to be efficient is their proper installation: they must be located precisely in the joints so that the closure is hermetic.

It should be noted that weatherstripping has a certain useful life. The friction that occurs every time the windows or doors are opened and closed wears down the weatherstrip, making it essential to replace it every few minutes weather. Although it depends on multiple factors, the usual thing is that a weatherstrip lasts about six years.

When the weatherstrip shows wear, it must be replaced by another. Otherwise, the air will circulate again between the together.