With origin in the Latin word gyrus, the term turn is linked to the verb to turn. This action may involve a movement around a center or an axis, among other things.

TurnThe turn can therefore be the movement of a body or a vehicle. For instance: “I miscalculated when I made the turn and ended up crashing in front of the light pole”, “I injured my ankle while doing a turn when I was tidying up my house”.

Giro is also the course that is printed to a negotiation or a talk: “The talk took a turn when Josefina confessed that she had cheated on Manuel”, “It takes a turnaround for us to get the approval of the board of directors”.

In relation to this meaning, it can be added that there is a very common expression that takes it as a base. We are referring to “someone else take another turn.” A way of expressing that a specific person has changed course in terms of their thinking or in regards to their way of acting when faced with a certain event.

In the linguistics, a turn is the organization or structuring that is given to words to convey an idea: “My father speaks German perfectly, although it can be confused with some idioms”.

It is known as a turn, in addition, to the circulation or transfer of flows or money, either in cash or by means of letters or another document: “We have not yet received the money order that the Mexican company promised more than a month ago”, “Marcos is waiting for a money order that his uncle will send him from the United States”.

In addition to the meanings cited so far, we have to underline that the term that we are now dealing with is also used in the field of ordinary mail. Specifically, it is common to speak of what is called “money order” which is a service that consists of making the payment of an amount of money by one person or entity to another making use of what is the system of post and telegraph.

Both within the same country and outside of it, worldwide, this operation can be carried out, which is a fast, simple and direct way to enter a certain money to someone. The issuer makes use of the postal service to make the payment and the recipient of the same will only have to go to said service and identify himself to be able to collect the established amount.

It is also called a turn to one of the turns most important events in world cycling, which are stage competitions that span over three weeks: the Italy spin. The Tour de France and the Back to Spain are the other big ones competencies of this sport.

As a curiosity we can add that in the cinematographic field the movie “Giro al infierno” stands out. It was in 1997 when said film was released all over the world, directed by Oliver Stone and based on a novel by John Ridley, which tells how a man suffers a car accident but manages to escape from it and reach a town where he will meet to a strange marriage. And it is that the husband will propose to end the life of his wife, and this will make the same proposal but in reverse.