The etymology of the term tungsten takes us to the Swedish language, as detailed in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). In the compound word tungsten is its origin: tung can be translated as heavy, while sten It refers to stone. Tungsten, therefore, it is a heavy stone.

TungstenThis Swedish word came to our idiom What tungsten to specifically refer to a chemical element which is also known as tungsten. This is the element whose symbol is a W and its atomic number, 74.

Tungsten is a metal which is like Salt or oxide in some minerals, although their presence is reduced in the crust of our planet. As its etymological root already anticipates, tungsten is characterized by its hardness. It is also very dense and has the highest melting point in the periodic table of elements.

Tungsten, which in its natural state exhibits a grayish hue, is used in the generation of electric resistance, In the manufacture of incandescent bulbs and during the processes of welding. It can also be combined with steel in an alloy to make machines and tools.

Due to its characteristics, tungsten is a metal of great strategic importance. This chemical element is present in televisions, automobiles, pens, dental instruments and integrated circuits, to name a few elements. It is also used to armor vehicles and projectiles: this is why it is relevant in the industry weapons.

No less interesting is to highlight the existence of what is known as tungsten carbide or vidia. It is a compound formed from tungsten and carbon that has a great hardness and is used, above all, to carry out the manufacture of utensils and machinery.

Specifically, at the moment it is used to undertake the creation of armor-piercing ammunition, the tips of the poles used by climbers, parts for drills, the tips of what are the straps of snowmobiles, special shoes for workers, of tweezers and scissors that are used in operating rooms to undertake any surgical intervention … All this without forgetting that tungsten carbide is also present in what are the tips of the darts used by professionals and even in certain tools of fishing.

This element is so important that it is known that the United States has it listed as a fundamental substance like oil.

Tungsten poisoning can cause kidney damage, seizures, and even death when it occurs in very high doses.

In addition to all the above, it is worth knowing other curiosities about tungsten, among which are the following:
-It is considered that it was discovered by two Spanish brothers (Fausto and Juan José Elhuyar) during the trips they made through the lands of countries such as Mexico and Colombia.
-During the Second World War, the existence of this element and its export gave both Spain and Portugal a significant amount of money.
-Germany is considered to be the first country that, in 1914, shaped weapons using tungsten.