TroutA Greek word derived from Latin trick which, in turn, became trout. The concept is used to name a kind of fish that lives in fresh water and that belongs to the group of salmonids.

Trout usually live in lakes and rivers, in low temperature waters. This animal can be found in a great variety of regions since, as has happened in other cases, it has been introduced by the man in different water courses. Today there are trout in Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Oceania.

It should be noted that some species of trout spend a lot of time in the ocean, although they return to the rivers to lay their eggs. Regarding their diet, they can eat invertebrates (such as insects) or even other fish, depending on the species.

Trout exist in several species, the following being the most important:

* brown trout: also known as common trout, since it is the easiest to find of the salmonid family, this species is part of the list of the World’s 100 Most Harmful Alien Invaders, according to International Union for Conservation of Nature. Its body has a particularly dark brown color on its back, although it turns golden on its flanks and yellowish white on its abdominal area. He has spots all over his skin, which are colour green or brown on its back and may have reddish spots on its sides. The largest known brown trout weighs 14 kg;

* Rainbow trout: it is a sea and freshwater fish, native to the north of the Pacific Ocean, especially from the Baja California Peninsula, in Mexico, to Japan, crossing the sea Bering. Man has artificially introduced it in many more places. Rainbow trout is also part of the aforementioned list of exotic species. It is known that its body can measure 120 cm, although in general its length is around 60 cm. It has 3 or 4 spines on its dorsal fin and its color depends largely on its habitat, river spines being darker than lake ones;

Trout* golden trout: it is a fish of Water sweet that lives at the bottom of cold and clean waters, such as high mountain lakes and rivers, and is found in the river basin of the Kern River, in the state of California, North America. The longest golden trout ever seen is 71 cm, more than twice its normal length;

* cutthroat trout: It is a freshwater and sea fish that is found natively in the Pacific Ocean, from northern California to the middle of Alaska, and artificial in rivers and lakes in the eastern United States. It is worth mentioning that his image represents the emblem of the state of Montana.

Trout is a highly sought after fish by fishermen. Its meat is tasty and can be consumed in various ways. The fishing sporty He also tends to pay attention to this fish as it offers an arduous battle to whoever tries to catch it with a rod.

In colloquial language, the idea of ​​trout can be used in different ways. In some countries, it is known as trout face or to mouth of a human being. For instance: “The ball hit me in the trout”, “When the trout grabbed me, I thought he was going to kiss me”.

The trucho is also associated with what is counterfeit or what is the result of a fraud: “At the door of my house there is a stand that sells trout movies”, “Miguel bought a Barcelona shirt that is trout but it seems original”.