Is named trick to the cheated, the scam wave ruse that a person can carry out to meet an objective or reach a goal. Beyond the context and its intentions, the trick involves a kind of swindle or from trap.

TrickFor instance: “So that the boss doesn’t notice when I’m late for the office, I always use the same trick: I schedule a message to be sent first thing in the morning to all clients, as if I were already working.”, “What’s the trick? I don’t think anyone sells a TV that works well for such a low price … “, “If you want your children to eat vegetables, the trick is to chop them and mix them with other ingredients: that way they won’t notice and they won’t complain”.

A trick can also be a ability or one skill that is achieved with practice: “The trick to open the door is to push it in while turning the key”, “My mother gave me some tips to make the recipe work for me”.

In the field of illusionism, a trick is a exercise or a procedure that is developed to achieve a certain effect: “The magician surprised with a trick where he guessed the names of different people in the audience”, “Cutting a person in half is a trick that always generates impact”.

We must not forget that the word in question acquires great relevance in the celebration of the emblematic Halloween party. And it is that costumed children who go house to house asking for sweets or sweets do so using the phrase: “trick or treat?”. As a general rule, the neighbors make deals and give them some trinkets since they know that if they do not give them anything, they will face the facades of their houses being full of eggs, which will be thrown by those minors.

The origin of this phrase seems to be found in the 16th century and more specifically in the persecution that Protestants carried out against Catholics. A persecution that led to Guy Fawkes, a Catholic who was participating in a plot that intended to overthrow the Protestant King James I and his government, deciding to make a deal to save his life. Specifically, he opted to say that an attack against the monarch was being planned in exchange for not being executed. However, it was of little use to him as he was eventually assassinated.

There is precisely a movie called “Trick or Treat. Terror on Halloween ”, which premiered in 2007 and revolves around various characters who celebrate this party in one way or another. Among these is a teacher who takes the opportunity to become a murderer, a woman who hates this celebration but who celebrates it because her husband is passionate about it, some young people who commit an unnecessary joke …

In some countries South Americans, finally, the trick is a play who uses the spanish deck: “We were playing the trick all afternoon”, “My grandfather always beats me at the trick”.