The notion of espalier comes from back. To understand the meaning of the term, therefore, it is helpful first to focus on the idea back: that’s how it is called the back part or region of someone or something.

Returning to the concept of espalier, the first meaning mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary refers to a trellis that is installed on a wall to allow certain plants to climb and develop. The trellis thus enables a flat growth of the species in question.

Trellis trellis

Trellis with plants

Origins of the trellis

It can be said that the trellis is a technique, although this is also called the shape acquired by the tree or plant that grows on the trellis. The origins of the trellis are believed to date back to Ancient Egypt but it was in the Middle Ages when it became more frequent.

It is important to note that there is no single form of trellis. The framework of the structure can have different designs (cord, cane, horizontal and others), defining the way in which the growth of the branches.

Benefits of the technique

The main trellis advantage is that it minimizes the space occupied by the plant without jeopardizing its development. Depending on where the facility is located, the species can receive the same amount of sunlight as that obtained by a traditional growing specimen; however, when it is spread flat, it does so on a smaller surface.

Due to this characteristic, it is common to use trellises in gardens small in size. Trellises are also created for ornamental purposes as they serve to establish a plant cover for a wall.

Others benefits of trellises are that they help to accelerate the growth of the fruits and that, because the wall reflects the light and is in a position to retain the heat at night, they enable the growth of vegetables in regions that have lower temperatures than is advisable for their conventional growth.

Trellis bars

Lattice of a trellis

The trellis in gymnastics

The RAE It also recognizes another use of trellis. This is how the structure composed of wooden bars that are used to carry out exercises of gymnastics.

The trellises consist of horizontal and parallel bars, arranged at different heights. The upper bar protrudes, unlike the rest, to facilitate certain exercises.

The set is attached to the wall. It should be noted that gymnastic trellises They are not only used for exercise: they are also very useful in the framework of a process of rehabilitation.

The ways of using the trellises are multiple. The person it can be positioned facing the wall or facing the back, resting your feet on the trellis and your hands on the floor, etc.

Garment for posture correction

Finally, a trellis is called garment used for postural correction. These trellises help align the column and provide support.

What the trellises do is generate tension in the shoulder area thanks to its elastic fibers. This way it is easier to keep the upright posture, minimizing discomfort in the neck and on the back.