The paper bin is he container used to dispose of useless papers and other waste. This object, which can be found in closed spaces (such as an office or a house) and open spaces (a square, a park), is also known as basket case or trash can.

Paper binIt is common for the bins to be located in a discreet but visible place. The idea is that persons They can easily find the wastebasket so they don’t throw the papers on the floor. Litter bins are made of plastic, metal, wicker and other materials and often feature bags that, once full of trash, are removed and replaced. In this way, the inside of the bin is clean.

It should be noted that there are different bin designs. Some have a top that rotates on a horizontal axis, others have a pedal that allows the lid to be raised and lowered, etc. Certain bins include a ashtray in its upper part, with sand to throw the cigarettes without risk.

In addition to all this, it is important to be clear that basically the bins can be classified into two large groups: the indoor ones, which are placed inside any room of a building, and the outdoor ones that, as their name suggests, are located outdoors in any public space.

In this way, within the first classification we would in turn find metal mesh, pedal, ashtray and folding bins. On the other hand, in the group of the exterior ones, there are the wooden bins, the rotating ones, the tilting ones or even those that are intended solely and exclusively to receive the excrement of the dogs.

It is also important that we know that the bin is an element that has been used at certain times for purposes other than collecting dirt. Thus, for example, there have been terrorist formations that have used it to hide various explosive devices.

It is known as Recycle Bin, on the other hand, to the storage area where the computer files that are about to be deleted are sent. This function allows the user to retrieve the file (what “Recycle”) before its final disposal.

It is important to be clear that this “virtual” trash can only keep what are the files deleted from the hard drive, and never those that have been deleted and that were part of a pen or any other type of external memory device. Hence, when the documents that were in this class of systems are deleted, it is done permanently and it is impossible to recover them again.

In addition to all the above, it is interesting to note that on any computer that has a version of Windows as an operating system, the icon of the recycle bin already appears on the desktop.

As an adjective, trash makes mention of what pertaining to or relating to paper, including its manufacture and marketing. For instance: “My dad works in the paper industry”, “Strong controversy over the installation of a wastebasket on the Uruguay River: the neighbors fear that it will contaminate the waters”.