ToucanThe toucan it’s a bird also known as goddess or dioted, which belongs to the family of the ranphastids. This animal, which lives in different regions of the American continent, is characterized by its oversized and colorful beak, which can have an extension similar to that of the body and is used both to collect fruit and to defend itself.

The elongated tail, the short wings and the head Small in size are other characteristics of the toucan, which has black feathers combined with orange and other shades on the chest and neck.

It is important to note that there are different species toucan, like green toucan, the black-billed toucan, the toucan touch and the yellow toucan. Formerly it used to be distinguished between true toucans and arasaris, smaller in size and with another type of plumage and tail.

The size of toucans varies between twenty and sixty centimeters approximately. its habitat It is also varied and includes from tropical forests to mountain forests located at high altitudes.

Toucans eat eggs and young of other birds, small reptiles, insects and fruits. They build their nests in the openings of the trees, where they lay up to four eggs that incubate just over forty days.

The advance of urban constructions, the pollution and the destruction of jungle areas affect the habitat of toucans and, therefore, threaten their survival. The hunting it is also a problem, although less when compared to the situation of other species.

Toucan toco

ToucanIn the first place, the toco toucan represents one of the toucan species best known by the general public, and this can be seen in the fact that it is used in a multitude of logos, for example, in addition to having the color scheme on the peak that most commonly appears in cartoons.

One of its main physical characteristics is its size, greater than that of the rest of the toucan species. Although the toco toucan is present in most of the zoos worldwide, its natural habitat is in South America.

Unlike other species, the toco toucan seems to prefer open areas with few trees, rather than dense forests. It can be found mainly in woods wetlands from countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Guyana, Paraguay and Argentina.

Its diet focuses on fruit, although it can also hunt reptiles and insects; on the other hand, if you think it is necessary, you can eat the eggs of other birds.

Regarding his appearance, the combination of the deep black color of his body with his white throat and a navy blue eye ring make it an animal of striking beauty. This without neglecting its great beak, yellow in color except at the tip, where it has a particular black spot.

The toco toucan is very light – it weighs just over 500 grams – although its beak is large, and this is because it is almost completely hollow. The average length of this animal around 63 centimeters; Its beak can measure up to 20 centimeters, which means that it is correct to say that it represents a third of the total extension of the body.

Its legs have four toes, two of which point backwards, while the rest point forward, to give it the possibility of clinging to the fingers. branches Very easily. Their life expectancy is between 10 and 15 years.

As with other species of animals, the toco toucan does not present sexual dimorphism, and this means that females and males are practically the same physically, without differences such as size or coloration.