Torpedo Definition – What is, Meaning and Concept

The first thing we are going to do to discover the meaning of the word torpedo at hand is to determine its etymological origin. In this sense, it must be emphasized that it derives from Latin, specifically from “torpedo, torpedinis”, which can be translated as “stupor” or “numbness”.

A torpedo it’s a projectile that is launched underwater so that it explodes when it hits its objective or when you are near him. Torpedoes, therefore, are launched from boats and are usually directed towards other boats.

TorpedoThere are various types of torpedoes that have been in use since the middle of the XIX century. The tow torpedo and the pole torpedo, for example, lacked their own mobility and were designed to explode when colliding with the White. The mobile torpedoesInstead, they make their way autonomously, without being dragged.

To the device that allows launching of torpedoes it is called torpedo tube. They can be installed in underwater sectors or on the surface of the boat.

It is known as human torpedo to a class of underwater vehicle whose crew members stand on the device. These torpedoes emerged in the Second World War What weapons, although they are currently used as a means of transportation for recreational aquatic activities.

Within the field of cinema, we also find several films that use the term that we are addressing. This would be the case, for example, of the movie “Torpedo”, which was released in 1958 and was directed by Robert Wise. Actors of the stature of Burt Lancaster and Clark Gable lead the cast of actors in this feature film that brings us closer to the life of the crew of a submarine and the missions they must face during the course of World War II.

We also have to underline that one of the best known and most important Spanish comic series of all time is also called “Torpedo” or “Torpedo 36”. Sánchez Abuli and Bernet are the authors of the same one that revolves around the adventures of a hitman.

We cannot ignore either that within the field of sport, this word is also used as a pseudonym for some athlete. Exactly we are referring to the German footballer Gerd Müller, who was popularly known as “Torpedo Müller” for the amount of goals he scored. And this made him not only one of the greatest scorers in history but also one of the best strikers and the top scorer, so far, in the history of the national team.

Torpedo is also the name of a gender of family fish Torpedinidae. The torpedo stripes They are characterized by their ability to generate electrical discharges, which they use as a defense mechanism and to trap their prey.

In some countriesFinally, the torpedo is called the clandestine point used by students when taking an exam. The torpedo is also called machete, little train, accordion, bat, copycat or Billy Goat, depending on the region. The student hides the document and, when the teacher is not looking at it, extracts it to copy information.

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