To which graph does the point ( -1,3) belong?


To which graph does the point ( -1,3) belong?


  • To answer your first question, you can simply just plug in X and Y into each of the following answers it gives.

    For example, for answer choice A, if you plug in the answer it would be (3) > 2(-1) + 6,

    which simplifies into 3 > 4. Obviously, that isn’t the answer.

    Go through all of the answers and you’ll see that the answer is B) y > 3x-1 because if you plug in the variables, it would be 3 > 3(-1) – 1, which simplifies to 3 > -4.

    For your second question, you need to do the equation (y – y, / x – x,)

    where y is your first Y and y, is the second Y. Same goes for the X’s.

    When you plug in the coordinates into the formula,

    it would be (5-5)/(-1-2)

    which then simplifies to 0/-3, or 0.

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