In order to fully understand the meaning of the timeless term, the first thing we are going to do is discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can say that it is a word that derives from Latin. It is the result of the sum of two differentiated parts:
-The prefix “a-”, which means “without”.
-The noun “temporal”, which derives from the adjective “temporalis”, which is equivalent to “relative to time”.

The adjective timeless, which can also be referred to as timeless, Alludes to that which is beyond time (the magnitude of physics that is used to institute an order in a series of events and that allows establishing the existence of a present, preceded by a past and followed by a future).

TimelessThe timeless, therefore, is that which is not bound by the laws of weather. For example: “The compositions of this musician are timeless, they never lose their validity”, “Charles Chaplin created a timeless humor that still captivates people around the world”, “My ambition as a designer is to develop timeless fashion”.

Many times it is said that a person is “Timeless” when his legacy remains valid even with the passage of time. The adjective is usually applied to artists who, despite changes in style and interests, enjoy continuous recognition throughout successive generations.

Wolfgang Amadeus MozartFor example, he was an Austrian composer and musician who was born in 1756 and passed away in 1791. Despite the fact that his death occurred more than two centuries ago, his symphonies, operas and concerts are still admired by experts and lovers of the music classical. That is why it can be pointed out that Mozart, or his talent and creations, are timeless.

While sometimes something is rendered timeless by its historical significance, other times it is an objective pursued by a person. An apparel designer can make timeless garments in the sense that they are not tied to the dictates of fashion, which change frequently.

Within the field of fashion, the adjective timeless is also used. Specifically, it is used to refer to garments and styles that are not in trend, but are never out of date. Hence, it is established that whoever wants to wear a timeless image, should take into account the following tips:
-Dress in black, which is always very elegant.
-Wear clothes that fit the silhouette well.
-Don’t go for the color scheme.
-Betting on what is considered to be garments that serve as “wardrobe staples”: jeans, jackets, shirts … To these we should also add what is the raincoat, a boho chic type dress, a nautical type polo shirt or a biker-style leather jacket.
-Set aside the prints and, in particular, those that are too daring.

At the decoration level, there is also talk of timeless style. It is based on elements such as wooden furniture, beige tones for the living room, rustic kitchen, a combination of black and white …