ThugThe adjective thug is used to qualify that or that which is rampant, licentious, degenerate, or immoral. A hooligan individual, therefore, is rude, disrespectful and inconsiderate.

For example: “As a teenager I was a hooligan, but then I matured and began to act in a civilized way”, “A group of thugs destroyed a monument in the Plaza de Armas”, “I would like to drive a Program television at midnight that is hooligan and fun “.

The concept is not only used with respect to people: it can also refer to Actions, facts, etc .: “In this museum there is no place for hooligan art”, “The hooligan screams of the young people scandalized the woman”, “The film is characterized by hooligan humor”.

It is important to note that the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy does not indicate a Spanish-speaking region in which this term is used more frequently, so we can assume that it is easy to understand regardless of the geographical context. When we look it up in the thesaurus, we get the following results: scoundrel, rude, pimp, naughty, shameless, gross, uncivil, vandal Y troublemaker.

Among the synonyms just mentioned, we find some that can be used to replace the word thug in almost any case, but also others whose meaning is too narrow or specific. In the first group are pimp, vandal Y scoundrel, among others, while naughty Y impolite belong to the second. The description of “a naughty child” does not correspond to that of “a teenage hooligan”, for example, and something similar could be said with respect to “rude.”

A distinction that the language academy does make corresponds to the feminine form of this term, that is, to hooligan, which in Andalusia is used as a synonym for «prostitute«. It goes without saying that it is not a word from the cultured language, but from vulgar everyday speech, among highly trusted people or with a low degree of education.

In short, hooligan is a word that has a main and a regional use, and that usually serves adults to denounce evil behaviour of young people and adolescents, both in cases in which they actually violate the rules of the law and in certain occasions that generate resentment to the former for not being able to recover their youth.

ThugIn fact, it is very common to call someone a hooligan jokingly, even lovingly. Take for example a conversation between a father and his son, in which the former tells the latter “Oh, my son, if only you weren’t such a thug and looked a little more like your brother.”; Here we are not dealing with an individual who meets all the characteristics of the thug, or at least not the worst, but it is probably a naughty boy, who finds it difficult to focus on the lifetime.

Thug, on the other hand, it was an Argentine duo of music pop that came from the reality show “Stairway to fame” on 2003. The group, formed by Patricio guevara Y Carlos Silberberg, released a single album, also titled “Thug”, which achieved great success.

Thug It is also the name of a restaurant found in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. The grilled octopus, the veal ossobuco and the carrot cake are some of the dishes that are part of its menu.

The town Spanish from Saragossa has another restaurant called Thug. It is a chef’s undertaking Franchesko Vera offering closed and blind menus. Among the creations of Vera that are served in Thug, the duck tongues, the borage in tempura with carbon dioxide and the chicken crest in sea urchin cream stand out.