The tennis it’s a sport that is practiced with rackets and a small ball. It can be played by two individuals (one against one) or two pairs (two people against the other two). The objective is to hit the ball so that it passes over the net that divides the court in half, trying to prevent the rival from being able to return it.

Tennis is believed to have arisen in the XII century on French territory. In those early versions of the play, the ball was hit with the hands. From century XVI, rackets began to be used.

Tennis stadium

Tennis is a sport that is played with rackets.

Development of a tennis match

A match begins with a player’s serve. You must hit the ball so that it bounces in a square that is diagonally, on the side of the field that your opponent occupies. Thereafter, both players have to pass the ball over the net alternatively. When a player fails to return it to the other side, his opponent scores a point.

Scoring in tennis is divided into points, games (games) and sets. By adding four points, you get a game. These points are counted successively as follows: fifteen, 30, 40 and game. In case the competitors call at 40, they must earn two consecutive points to win the game. Then when a player wins six games, they get a set. The winner of the match is the one who wins two or three sets, according to the characteristics of the tournament.


It is possible to play tennis on different surfaces.

Some curiosities of this sport

Other information of interest about tennis we can say that they are the following:

-When it began to expand throughout the European continent, it was achieved that it was a sport that only the upper classes of society practiced.
-Since the Olympic Games in Athens held in 1896 it has been considered an Olympic sport.
-Among the most relevant and internationally prestigious competitions in this discipline are Roland Garros and Wimbledon, for example.
-The record for the longest tennis match in history is held by the one that faced John Isner and Nicolás Mahut in the Wimbledon Championship in 2010. Specifically, it lasted a whopping 11 hours and 5 minutes, being the first player who in the end got the win.
– The male tennis players with the highest number of Grand Slam titles are Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, while the female athlete with that record is held by Serena Williams.
-The only tennis player who has managed to win the four Grand Slams and the Olympic medal in the same year is Steffi Graff
-The fastest serve mark in the male field is the Australian Samuel Groth, with 263 kilometers per hour, and in the female field the American Venus Williams with 209 kilometers per hour.
-Another significant curiosity about this sport is that the tennis player who has the record of having been able to win the same Grand Slam thirteen times is not the other than the Spanish Rafa Nadal, who has become the undisputed king of Roland Garros.

How professional tennis is organized

The Professional Tennis Players Association (organization known as ATP) is the most important body in men’s professional tennis.

The entity organizes a world tour (the ATP Tour) that leads players to compete in different countries, scoring points for a ranking (the ranking of the ATP). For women, the governing body for tennis is the WTA.