TelluricThe Latin word tellus came to our idiom What telluric. It is an adjective that is used to qualify what is linked to planet Earth or to tellurism (concept that is related to the influence exerted by the soil of a region on the people who inhabit it).

The idea of telluric movement, therefore, it refers to a earthquake, seism or earthquake. This phenomenon occurs when a geological fault ruptures or when friction occurs at the edges of a tectonic plate. A earthquake It can also be generated by the eruption of a volcano or even by an action of the human being (such as the explosion of an underground bomb).

These events cause it to be released Energy (which takes the form of seismic waves) and that the earth’s crust shakes violently. Telluric movements, in this way, cause the Land tremble and that different types of surface damage can occur (from falling buildings to fracturing the pavement of the streets, to name just a few possibilities).

It is rated as telluric planet, on the other hand, to the one that is composed for the most part by silicates (a class of minerals). Telluric planets differ from gaseous planets, which are made up of gases in different states of aggregation. The Land, Venus, Mars and Mercury they are telluric planets.

The idea of ​​telluric, on the other hand, is used in the field of music to qualify the compositions, genres or rhythms that are typical of a certain land.

TelluricIn the literature realistic usually appears the idea of telluric novelAlthough to understand its meaning it is necessary to provide a bit of context. After literary Romanticism came Costumbrismo, and among its most outstanding characteristics is a special attention to customs and picturesque landscapes, as well as a particularly critical vision of the social environment of the time. Between the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, this movement coexisted with Realism and Modernism.

In this case we are interested in Realism, which first emerged in France in the 1830s to oppose Romanticism, as a means to seek an accurate reproduction of society from then, while it reached Latin America, more specifically Colombia, some fifty years later, along with Modernism. The stories written at that time expose various problems of a political and political nature. Social, that have negatively affected the people, and narrate the struggle of the peoples in realistic settings and without ornaments that seek to soften the rough edges.

This Social Realism did not give rise to heroes, but captured the lives of ordinary people; nor did he retouch the landscapes to make them more pleasant. In addition, the action of each character was one of the fundamental points and in which the writers of these texts paid the most attention, many of which are presented in narrative prose. A large number of the novels that were produced in those decades in Latin America fall into the category of Earth novel or telluric.

Therefore, we can say that the telluric novel is a narrative in which it is shown nature as a great entity that humans are unable to master, and this alludes to the need for freedom that many people felt at that time, to a struggle to break the chains of freedom. culture of Europe and of the oppression of rational laws, which caused so much damage in pursuit of the supposed evolution of the species, without thinking about the true needs, without respecting the limits or thinking about the consequences.