From the French term equip is where the Castilian concept of team comes from. An etymological origin is one that in terms of meaning has not been maintained by the current one, since in the Middle Ages, curiously, this term was used to define the process of embarking or equipping a ship with everything that was needed to undertake a trip.

A team it’s a group of human beings who come together and work together to achieve a common goal. For this, the team maintains a certain organization that allows it to achieve its objectives. For instance: “I am going to form a new sales team for the next summer season”, “The boss asked us to work as a team”, “Get together in teams of four to carry out practical work”.


People who work together for a common goal form a team.

Team in sport

In the sports, a team is a team that seeks to obtain a victory in a match or in a competence. Thus, we can refer to soccer teams (Boca Juniors, Manchester United, AC Milan), basketball (Los angeles lakers, Chicago Bulls) and any other sport that is not individual.

In this way, the following sentence can serve as an example: “Pep Guardiola managed to form a magnificent team of players at FC Barcelona because with him he achieved something historic such as six titles in just one season, and more than ten trophies in four years ”.


In sports, a team is a group of athletes who compete together.

Other groupings

The concept of team, however, is used to denominate various groupings: we can talk about equipment to mention the set of clothes that a person uses as a dress or uniform (“That sweater is not part of the school team”); to the instruments or tools that are used for a certain purpose (“I brought all the gastronomic equipment to prepare the barbecue”) and devices and accessories that are part of a computer or who work with her“Tomorrow the technician will come to check the equipment that has the virus”).

The concept of team, in short, can be associated with a wide variety of terms, such as group, set or community. Its meaning will depend on the context, since it can refer to groups of people, animals or objects. Within the group, even a dynamic can be recorded in pursuit of a common purpose (such as the operation of a football team), or it may be something inert (a surgical team at the disposal of a surgeon).

In the same way, the term team is also very important in the work environment because in many companies it is spoken of as the grouping of necessary and qualified employees in a specific area in order to achieve the proposed objectives and exceed the existing results until that moment.

“The A Team”

When speaking of this term in question, we cannot ignore the reference to an American television series from the 1980s that managed to become a true mass phenomenon throughout the world. We are referring to Team A (or Brigade A in Latin America). It revolved around four soldiers who had escaped from the body and who dedicated themselves solely and exclusively to helping all those who require their assistance.

George Peppard, Dwight Schultz, Dirk Benedict and Mr. T were the actors who played the main characters in this production that mixed action, comedy and, on many occasions, drama.