Tandem, whose etymological root is found in the tongue Latin, is a notion that refers to the union or joint work of two components that are complementary. The units that make up a tandem, in this way, they collaborate with each other with a purpose.

TandemFor instance: “The criminals acted in tandem to take everything that was in the house”, “The director and the actor make up an unbeatable tandem: all their proposals are a huge box office success”, “I want you to work in tandem with the auditor so that the reports are comprehensive”.

Two people form a tandem when working in team and they complement each other. Suppose a theatrical producer is associated with a director: while the former will provide the money to bring plays to the stage, the latter will take care of things related to the artistic side. Both individuals, in this way, will compose a tandem.

The notion is also used to refer to the bike that two can use persons simultaneously. These vehicles have two seats and two pairs of pedals, a feature that allows both users to pedal and propel the bike. It should be noted that a tandem, in these cases, can even have capacity for more than two users.

In the tandem bikes, who drives, shifts gears and applies the brakes It is the subject who sits in the front. That is to say: regardless of whether the tandem has two, five or ten users, the driver will always be the person in front. The rest of the occupants will limit themselves to pedaling.

Some curious facts that exist about the tandem and that are worth knowing are the following that we expose you below:
-The largest and most peculiar tandem in history was made in 1984 and allowed a total of 40 cyclists to pedal together at the same time. It was built in Australia, more specifically in New South Wales.
-When you travel in one of those in flat areas or downhill, the tandem is considered a perfect vehicle because it allows you to reach a great speed. On the other hand, when it comes to climbing a slope it can be somewhat more annoying basically because there may be lack of coordination between those who are riding on it.
-In the Internet there are numerous proposals from people who have chosen to build their own vehicle with these characteristics. Really curious are some in which there are those who have even shaped one by joining two bicycles and placing a box in the second to be able to carry the baby.
-Some state-of-the-art city car is inspired precisely by the advantages of the vehicles for two at hand.

It is important to note that tandem is also called semitrailers already trucks that have two or more wheels consecutive.

Likewise, we cannot ignore the existence of a magazine that is precisely entitled “Tandem”. It is a didactic publication that revolves around what Physical Education is and is based on a wide variety of pillars and sections, such as resources for the classroom, cooperative games, physical challenges, how the bicycle can be use as a leitmotif in the development of different subjects …