The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) does not include the term swing, a concept from the English language that can be translated as swinging, swing or oscillation.

SwingThe notion can be used in different contexts. It is usually associated with rhythm or the sensation that certain music generates, inviting you to dance or move. A swing band, in this sense, is one whose musicians maintain coherence and rhythmic cohesion.

Swing is also a style which is part of the genus known as jazz. The groups that interpret swing music usually have saxophone, double bass, clarinet, piano and drums, among other instruments. The swing, developed by artists such as Duke ellington and Benny goodman, is characterized by fast or medium tempos.

Towards the end of the 1920s it was when this musical style emerged in the United States that quickly became popular and became one of the most relevant in the country. It is considered that it is influenced by the music hall and it is established that key figures in its beginnings were artists of the stature of Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Carter or Fletcher Henderson.

The city of New York is considered to be the one that most and best bet on giving relevance to swing and especially great bands in the city such as the famous Cotton Pickers, which were led by the drummer and conductor William McKinney. However, little by little others were emerging equally relevant in other areas of the country such as, for example, Benny Goodman or Artie Shaw.

It is also important to know that, due to the crisis of 1929 that was experienced in the United States, many were the artists who emigrated to Europe. And this was precisely what led to the spread of the swing in the old continent. It was precisely in Paris that a school of its own was created and how it managed to be a benchmark thanks to figures such as Django Reinhardt.

Among the most important songs of this musical style are “Come fly with me”, performed by Frank Sinatra and Count Basie, or “It don´t mean a thing”, by Ella Fitzgerald.

The dance typical of this style of music is also called swing. It arose at the beginning of twentieth century in the American South, especially in the African-American population of New Orleans.

In the field of sport, is called swing to a movement that the players of tennis, Golf, cricket and baseball at the moment of impacting the ball. It is a movement of the arm that wields the racket, bat or stick, drawing a kind of fan in the air.

The swing trading, finally, is a technique used by investors when analyzing changes in the price of stocks through graphs. By observing how the prices evolve with each session, swing trading helps to notice the trends of stocks. This facilitates decision-making, whether to buy or sell the securities.