There are terms whose definition is implicit in the word itself. That is the case of sunflower, where it is easy to detect the presence of the verb to turn (to go around, move around an axis or point) and the noun Sun (the luminous star that is located in the center of the solar system, of which the Land).

SunflowerA sunflower is a plant which, as its name suggests, performs a heliotropism: a movement towards the sun. In this case, the flower of the plant modifies its position to orient itself towards the solar rays.

Also called mirasol, the sunflower shows a phototropism positive since the tropism (movement to orient oneself) of its flower is generated by the light and is carried out precisely towards the light. When the orientation is opposite to the illumination source, we speak of negative phototropism.

It is important to mention that sunflower heliotropism manifests itself while the plant is young. After the maturity, the flower stops rotating and adopts a stable position facing east.

Helianthus annuus is the scientific name for sunflower, a species native to the American continent that has a herbaceous stem capable of reaching a height of about two meters. Sunflower leaves are heart-shaped and petiolate, while its flowers are yellowish in color.

In addition to everything indicated, we cannot ignore that several of these plants are the protagonists of one of the most relevant paintings in history. We are referring to “Sunflowers”, which was painted in 1888 by the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh. However, it must be said that this work is part of a series by the same painter and that it has the same title as her.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of a book of stories from 2004 entitled “Los girasoles ciegos” and which was made by the writer Alberto Méndez. The Spanish Civil War is the subject of this work, which is made up of four works: “The blind sunflowers”, “If the heart thought it would stop beating”, “The language of the dead” and “Manuscript found in oblivion.”

It is important to note that sunflower is cultivated on a large scale to take advantage of its seeds, which are edible and are used to make oil.

As a food, sunflower seeds are popularly known as pipes. The seeds are usually roasted and then salted. The oil Sunflower, meanwhile, is obtained by pressing the seeds.

More and more people are betting on consuming sunflower seeds. This is because it is considered that they provide many benefits to the body such as weight control, improving the condition of the skin, increasing hair health and even fighting fungal infections.

In the same way, we cannot overlook either that they are considered to help improve mood, that they are useful to fight against infertility problems in men and that they help to be able to sleep better. Advantages to which we must add that they serve to reduce the risks of suffering from Parkinson’s, that they strengthen the bones and that are useful to improve cardiovascular health.