The verb I will summarize, a word that is part of Latin, we can establish that it is the etymological origin of the concept that we are going to analyze in depth below. A Latin term that comes to be translated as saying or explaining everything that the opposite has manifested.

Summary is a concept that describes the action and the consequence of summarizing or summarizing. It is also about the synthesized manifestation of a certain matter or matter.


An abstract synthesizes a document, content or subject.

What is a summary

A summary can therefore be defined as a brief and specific presentation of the content of a material that can be written or audiovisual in nature. This synthesis is limited to citing the most important ideasIn other words, it excludes irrelevant data and does not provide room for subjective or critical interpretations, nor does it include the identity of the person who carried out the analysis.

In this way, we can establish that one of the areas where summaries are carried out the most is in education. And it is that students, either because they decide so freely or because their teachers request it, it is common for them to make summaries of the different topics that make up the subjects because it is a way that they can study in a more effective and practical way .

Thus, for example, we could state the following sentence: “Manuel made a summary of the unit on the conquest of America in order to assimilate all the aspects of said historical fact for the History exam.”

Main features

The summary, if it is done correctly, reflects a marked profile objective and raises a general concept, where the basic notions and some secondary ones are exposed (only when they are necessary for the understanding of the main ones). The person responsible for the abstract must find a common thread that connects the essential phrases of the base text.

According to the most common way of making a summary, they underline the most important parts of the text to highlight the most significant ideas and identify keywords. In the next step, schematizes underlined it.

We can also highlight that when making a summary we have to take into account that it is made up of a series of elements that are essential since they are in charge of giving it not only a structure but also a meaning. Specifically, we can say that this is composed of a heading where it is common for data such as title or author to appear, the body that is actually what can be called a summary as such, the classification that is not always mandatory, and finally the signature of who performs that.


It is common for a student to make summaries to promote the assimilation of knowledge.

Summary types

There are different types of summary: the informative summary is the one where a text is abbreviated and the message of the communication; the descriptive summary, on the other hand, it is in charge of delving into the structure of the writing, with its fundamental parts, sources and style; finally, the abstract abstract It is a variant of the descriptive summary, which leads scientific articles and whose function is to inform about the content of the text so that eventual readers can have a general idea in a short time.

Keep in mind that a synthesis It is the summary of different texts related to the same topic or that can be compared by related topics. Synthesis is a textual reduction technique that offers the possibility of bringing together the essential elements of more than one text to obtain a coherent summary.