The word strategy derives from latin strategĭa, which in turn comes from two Greek terms: stratos (“army”) and agein (“driver”, “guide”). Therefore, the primary meaning of strategy is the Art of directing military operations.

StrategyThe concept is also used to refer to the plan devised to address an issue and to designate the set of rules that ensure an optimal decision at all times. In other words, a strategy is the selected process through which it is expected to achieve a certain future state.

The military strategy is one of the dimensions of war art, Next to the tactic (the correct execution of military plans and maneuvers in battle) and the Logistics (which ensures the availability of the army and its fighting capacity). The strategy is in charge of planning and directing war campaigns. It also deals with the movement and strategic disposition of the armed forces.

Precisely one of the most important books in the field of military strategy is called “The Art of War” and was written by a great Chinese strategist named Sun Tzu. This work is made up of a total of thirteen chapters where important issues such as offensive strategy, terrain and its classes, fire attack, strengths and weaknesses, maneuvering or the use of spies are addressed.

In the same way, we cannot ignore what is known as a marketing strategy. A concept that encompasses all the actions that a company plans to carry out in terms of marketing and communication. In order to determine those, the organization will study the market in depth as well as other issues such as the needs of its customers or the characteristics that differentiate it from its more direct competitors.

On the other hand, it is worth noting the existence of Strategy games, entertainments where victory is achieved thanks to the use of the intelligence and after having deployed plans and technical skills to prevail over adversaries.

Precisely in this sense, we have to emphasize that in chess it is common for its players to establish their strategy to develop the game and thus manage to defeat their opponent. In this sense, what is the value of each of the pieces on the board (pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, queen and king) is taken into account in order to determine what it means to lose one or the other.

In the field of teaching, it is also common to talk about the educational strategy to define all the activities and actions that are organized with the clear objective of being able to achieve the objectives that have been set.

Finally, we can name the existence of Strategic plans, a concept that is often used in business. A strategic plan is a official document where those responsible for a organization or company They stipulate what will be the strategy that they will follow in the medium term. Generally, these types of plans are valid for between one and five years.