Even Latin you have to leave in order to find the etymological origin of the term stone. Specifically, it must be stated that it derives from the word “petreus”, which, in turn, emanates from the Greek “petreos”, which can be translated as “rock”.

This adjective refers to that which is constituted or covered by rocks or stones. You can also name what looks rocky.

StonyFor example: “This stone monument is one of the most important of pre-Hispanic times”, “The local people usually live in stone houses since they manage to withstand inclement weather”, “The car behaved very well on the rocky terrain and we were able to complete the journey without any problems”.

It should be noted that it is known as stone to a mineral compound of great hardness, which is generally obtained from a type of exploitation called a quarry. The most important characteristic of stones is that they manage to keep their properties unaltered despite the passage of weather. That is why stone buildings and creations stand out for their durability.

In the field of geology, the hardest and most coherent stones are called rock. It is common, however, that both concepts (stone and rock) are used as synonyms.

The stone materials They are those that come from the stones and that can be found either in their natural state or processed at an industrial level. Cement, granite, and marble are some of the most popular stone materials.

It is important to know that these rocky materials can be classified into four large groups:
-Depending on their nature, they can be metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous.
-Based on their origin, they can be divided into artificial, synthetic and natural.
-Starting from their size, they can be classified as filler, coarse and fine arid.
-Depending on their adhesiveness, they can be basic or acidic.

Stone, on the other hand, can be used in symbolic meaning to qualify the person what’s wrong with it poor gestures or what not moved by anything: “He is an actor who, even in the most dramatic scenes, remains stony”, “His stony face did not change despite the insults of the protesters”.

In the same way, there is also what is known as a stone gaze. This term is used to indicate that a person who is looking at another in such a way that it seems that he is not human but a stone, because he does not show any kind of sensitivity or humanity.

Within fiction there is a stony character. We are referring to The Rock, one of the superheroes who are members of the group “Fantastic 4” from the Marvel universe, which is so called because its appearance is precisely made of stone.

Likewise, it should not be forgotten that in Mexico, specifically in La Camelina, there is a company that goes by the name of Pétreo. It is exclusively dedicated to the commercialization of natural stone. Hence, it offers its customers the opportunity to acquire from all types of marbles to granites through slates or quarries.