The late Latin word stellāris came to our language as stellar. The first meaning of this adjective that appears in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) refers to what is linked to stars.

It is called stars to the celestial bodies which, at night, can be detected by their brightness, with the exception of the Moon which is a satellite. The idea of ​​the celestial body, meanwhile, refers to the stars that are in the sky.


That which is linked to the stars is classified as stellar.

A term often used in astronomy

The science that is dedicated to investigating the celestial bodies is the astronomy. In this discipline the adjective stellar is frequently used, since the stars are part of its field of study.

There is talk of star formation, in this framework, to refer to star development process. This takes place when huge masses of gases that are found in the galaxies.

The stardust, meanwhile, is made up of particles whose size does not exceed 100 micrometers. Also called cosmic dust or space dust, it can be differentiated according to its location between the interstellar dust, the interplanetary dust and the intergalactic dust, for instance.

A star cluster, on the other hand, is a group of small size stars. This set, in sight, is very dense.

To the specialization that analyzes physical of the stars is known as stellar astrophysics. Experts in this area study the origin, evolution, distribution, and end of stars.


The adjective stellar is also used in the entertainment industry.

The notion of stellar can be used beyond astronomy. The term allows mentioning something of category higher or elevated status.

The extraordinary, in this way, is qualified as stellar. Suppose a footballer scores four goals in a match: the chroniclers can affirm that the athlete had a stellar performance.

Many times this adjective on the entertainment industry, linking it to the most important figures (that is, to the stars). An actor can assume the star role or have a stellar participation in a movie, to mention one possibility.

It is common to refer to the prime time in television programming. This schedule is the most relevant since it usually shows the highest audience peaks. What counts as prime time varies depending on the country, although it is generally among the 19 hours and the 1 AM.

Mattresses and music

Stellar can also work as own name or brand. In Argentina, Stellar is a manufacturer of mattresses and box springs. The business has branches in various locations in the Buenos Aires province.

Continuing in the Argentine territory, Stellar is a band of rock formed in the city of La Plata. The group began its career in 1994 and achieved national and even international fame in 2006 when he edited the album “Central Nervous System”, which includes hits like “A perfect day”, “She said” Y “Air”. Along its history, Stellar has performed at massive festivals such as Cosquin Rock Y Quilmes Rock.