Song about boyfriend being in jail?


Song about boyfriend being in jail?


  • oh wow, theres this amazing song that i love by avenged sevenfold. it’s called ‘seize the day’

    you might have to watch the music video on youtube to understand it. but it’s from the boyfriends point of veiw. in the video the girlfriend is begging him not to leave but he goes out and he robs a store with his friends. he ends up going to jail, while his girlfriend is pregnant. i forget waht happens at the end. but i think that someone ends up dying.

    one part of the lyrics says “seize the day, or you’ll die regreting the time you’ve lost”

    you’d have to like alternative and rock music to like this song but i find it amazing.

    good luck (:

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    Song about boyfriend being in jail?

    Is there any song about a girl’s boyfriend being in jail or locked up or anything?? 🙁

  • I’m going to need more information about the reasoning behind his incarceration in order to answer this accurately. Otherwise, I’m just going to tell you to get out while you can before he drags you down with him. I’d like to give him the benefit of a doubt and hope he’s in there for something beyond his control and think it’s not his fault.

  • alicia keys – fallin’

    Her video also shows her with a boyfriend in jail.

    50 cent – 21 questions

    Portrays 50 in jail and a gf waiting for him on the outside

  • 50 cent – 21 questions

  • there’s one by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Take it on the Other Side

  • I know I’m about 6years late but k koke letter home or k koke ft Rita Ora lay down your weapons x

  • U Should ve Known Better by Monica

  • K Koke Quotes

  • lock-up by akon,folsom prison by johnny cash try these.

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