RefreshmentRefreshment It is a concept that has its origin in the Latin word refreshment. It may be about the satisfaction you get with something cool or a palliative before a certain trouble.

The most common use of the term, however, is linked to a food or drink that is ingested to recover energies. It is something light, which does not provide a great feeling of satiety but rather helps to momentarily satisfy the appetite.

For example: “I’m not going to eat too much, a while ago I had a snack with the boys”, “We have to define what snacks we will serve at the party”, “The neighbors soon began to bring refreshments to the rescuers, who did not stop their work at any time”.

Snacks, also known as appetizers in certain contexts, are usually consumed before lunch or dinner. It can be sausages, cheeses, fritters, croquettes or various types of canapés. In some nations, aperitifs are a deeply ingrained custom, as is the case with Spain with their tapas.

On Argentina, the chopped It is the most popular snack or appetizer. Prepared in multiple ways, it generally consists of cold cuts, sausages, cheeses, olives, snacks and bread. In some cases, the picada includes such a variety of foods that it becomes the main meal.

It should be noted that it is also known as a snack to drinks and food issued to workers or students in the middle of a work or educational day. The idea is that they can regain strength and then continue with work or study.

For a person trying to take care of his weight, it can be very challenging to determine which snack to eat. It is worth mentioning that despite what many people think, this meal is very important since it avoids the excess appetite of those who eat few times a day.

RefreshmentA first step so that the snack does not become a negative figure for food is not to have products such as chips at home, which generate an addiction almost impossible to break but do not provide energy and nutrients that a person needs in the middle of an exercise session, a work day or in a time when they need to lose weight.

To know what to buy there nutrition information on food labels, for which we must get used to reading it and also have the tools to understand it. In addition, it is important to respect the amount indicated; for this, it is recommended never eat straight from the packageInstead, pour yourself the proper portion in a container and put the bag away before you start snacking.

For example, walnuts are healthy as long as they are eaten in measured amounts; Since they are so irresistible to many people, if eaten directly from a bag, the degree of calories shoot without limit. On the other hand, when the ingredient that appears at the top of the list on the label of a snack is sugar, it is better not to buy it.

In addition to sugar, it is important to control fat levels, but look for richness in Water and fiber. A snack consisting of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables is always preferable to an industrial one. Although it seems obvious, an apple is better than an apple flavored soda. To make the satisfaction last longer, it is good to combine carbohydrates with protein, such as when you eat hummus with carrots or peanut butter spread on a whole wheat cracker.

Some of the snacks considered more healthy are as follows: bananas, apples, raisins, carrots, peas, walnuts, whole grain cereals in which sugar is not seen among the first ingredients, toast with jelly, hummus and the pumpkin seeds that are sold with its shell.