SmellThe Latin term olfactus derived, in our tongue, in the word smell. This concept is used to name the sense that allows a human being or a animal catch a smell.

Thanks to smell, persons can perceive the fragrance particles through the nose. Odors are made up of molecules that move through the air and that have certain chemical components that are captured by smell. It is estimated that a human being can distinguish more than ten thousand different smells thanks to its more than twenty million olfactory cells.

Once the aroma enters the nose, it begins a journey that triggers various reactions until the brain is in charge of processing the information. The action of hypothalamus and other regions of the brain are responsible for releasing hormones and regulating emotions related to smells.

There are various disorders and diseases that can affect the ability to smell. The anosmia, which can be caused by an infection, trauma or other reason, is the total loss of this sense. If the faculty of smell is affected only in part, one speaks of hyposmia.

Smell, on the other hand, can be used in a symbolic sense to name the ability that a person has to understand or notice something that is found hidden or hidden. For instance: “If my sense of smell does not fail me, this man wants something more with you”, “The manager’s sense of smell failed and he did not notice that the agreement that they offered him was, in reality, a scam “.

The smell of dogs

SmellIt is very common to hear that dogs have a sharper sense of smell than ours, but dogs data Specific features offered by the many experiments carried out in this regard are truly impressive. For example, it is known that the sensitivity of these animals to certain particular odors can be a million times higher than ours. It is that smell is the sense that canids develop the most and the one that they use the most in their daily life, to carry out their main activities.

The shape of the muzzle of dogs makes it clear that his contact with the world begins with smell; no matter what parameters are taken into account to compare their olfactory ability with ours, they surpass us considerably. The analysis of smells and aromas is so important for dogs that when they concentrate on one they seem to devote all their energies to the extraction of information, as we humans do when we read a news item in a newspaper.

Human beings have not lost the opportunity to exploit dogs to obtain Benefits, and his greatest interest lies in his incredible sense of smell. Some areas in which its invaluable capacity is used are: rescue after landslides, floods and earthquakes; customs zones, to detect illegal and dangerous materials; investigations of gas leaks and electrical faults. In short, dogs are indispensable for the survival of man in many situations of risk, and also for sustaining much of the fabric of their societies.

It is worth mentioning that the dog’s nose is capable of perceiving odors that come from more than ten meters below the ground, and that is why their collaboration is so appreciated to find living people buried in the rubble after an attack, for example. Although it is hard to believe, your sense of smell also allows you to detect cells carcinogenic and even warn a person that they are about to have a hypoglycemic attack.

Regarding your reproduction, smell plays an essential role, since males can detect the sexual pheromones of females and understand their predisposition to copulation.